31 December 2010

2010's memorycard

Holaaaa friends!!! Err...A friendly reminder to all of you ya... This is gonna be a picture-heavy post like what my title imply: 2010 MEMORY CARD! hehe.. i dunno how many GBs of photos I have taken actually in 2010 but these are some of the worth sharing one.. i might missed up some but do remind me ya! hohoho....I actually prepared this post for ..3 days i think, to summarize 365days in a post!? 

Here comes J A N U A R Y!~

Are you ready for prosperity????? yoooo!!! it's woo-hoo year!~ 
My MOST favourite festival-Chinese New Year!!
It's F e b r u a r y !
Moving to next month.... a B-U-S-Y one!!! Due dates are coming together all at the same time (lucky I did my work on schedule) and of course the bday of the VVVIP! hehe
M a r c h  is approaching!

Next, we have.......EXAMSSSSss!!
A P r i L fulllll

Flying back to my home sweet home, start off my exciting 2 months holidays!!
M A Y is the month of merry~

The first 4 weeks of internship at Sin Chew Daily is like an eye-opener to me!! It wasn't love at first sight but falling in love with the position as a journalist is addictive, once you begin, you can't stop. 

Here comes the joyful moments which had added more colors into my holidays!
It was YanYii's wedding!! 

Time flies like the speed of light, u never know!!! Here it comes the time I hated most, time to say bye-bye Kuching again.
J u l y marks the beginning of my Final Year life!
August and September more or less doing the same thing!
Sorry dear all... Not much pictures taken about my life here, because being a JOURNALIST major student ain't that FREE to camwhore all-the-time!!! Whooops... We do take photos, but not self-photos ma. What did I do in JULY-AUGUST-SEPTEMBER: 

(1) Start my life as the Journalist of our campus newspaper: Berita Kampus. Practicing what I've learned during my internship, start meeting big shots of uni, train my courage and confident. (hehe...I quite agree with what my lecturer said: Only Journalism student's assignments and final year projects gets to read by big shots like the Vice Cansellor, Deans of School, lecturers and everyone else! Do the read your 100-200pages long thesis? haha.. jokin' )

(2) First time learning how to use a DSLR in YWP328E course! I started off with Canon 450D but I have already decided to get a Nikon before all this!

(3) Venturing into the world of Photoshop and Illustrator! (which helps alot in my future.. you will know after finish reading this post..hehe!) 

(4) In between, I have some gathering sessions and street photoshooting session!
 This is the BEST semester of all whereby I really felt that I am a Journalism student! I really enjoy myself in YWP328E course!

heheee....And there it goes again when the end of the semester is approaching, DEADlines! 
O c t o b e r  is here!
Seriously, I have surveyed for more than 6 months before getting my hands on the 2nd choice babe! For  kela, crystal those who intend to get one, I would recommend you these sites: dpreview.com for the review, mylensdb.com and shashinki for the price checking, Lowyat.NET for the discussion of everything!!

N o v e m b e r  in-da-house!
Basically I only have 3 papers for my finals for the full 3 weeks of exam week this month! That makes it one paper one week and I was complaining from the very first moment I knew about the timetable until my last paper! GOSH!!! I was so desperately looking for GOOD FORTUNE during my super long so-called study week! And there, being unable to find myself any part-time job(found one but the agent *ppk me!), I used my free time to join contest!! hehehehe........and that's when it becomes one of my hobby now! (hey, I found a new hobby in 2010!) 
*ppk= pang pueh ki (break promise in hokkien)
When  D e c e m b e r  arrived
And the effort is REWARDING!!!! (people... not showing off here ya.. hehe, just wanted to share with you all about the good fortune!! If you have a blog, if you wana have good fortune like me, if you love promo and free stuff, JOIN NUFFNANG!!!! Believe me... I never felt as lucky before if not because of Nuffnang!!)
The prizes I won:

Again, I would like to express my apreciation to Ryan who helped me alot!!! Herbalife people are great people, he is my upline and now he is earning more than RM10k per month, he is not even 30-years-old!!! haha...He is my coach!!

hoho... too much to update about my December life back in Kuching, you can always refer to here, here and here!

Oiii! Fall asleep dy izzit? I just want to say, 2010 has been a GREAT YEAR for me and I am so grateful for all the good and also bad things that happen. For the mistakes I did, I urge myself to make corrections and improve on it; For the misunderstandings I cause, I apologize to those who I have hurt directly and indirectly; For all the love and care from all my friends and families, can I hugged you all ar? May you all be blessed with  good health, big fortune, happiness and peacefulness!

Merry 2011 to all!  

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