24 March 2012

Just wanna share smth 'truthful' from tweeter! Seeing what's happening arnd me wic really irritates me, I've made a few conclusions.

"If u knw sm1 is alrdy taken, pls respect their relationship. Don't b the reason they end up single."
"Slut need to learn how to control their whoremones."

Now, u get the scenario or not? I've alwys annoyed by such DRAMAs n seriously feel like puking on anyone who's the sl*t in the case. Sincerely, you don't hv to be so cheap to get love, by ruining others relationship!?  What's ur freakin' prob? 

This again makes me think that gal-boy relationship back in our grandparents time are much more noble and greater than today's, don't ya thk so? Without mobile phones, sms, whatsapp, fb, airplanes and all the other high-tech dingdingdongdong, just two hearts with a STRONG BLIV that they are THE ONE AND ONLY for each other, tad's how beauty is their love. Does this kinda relationship still exist now? 

Not to say whose fault is it, but single hand can't make a clap. 

Dear boys, don't make her your number one, make her your only one.

17 August 2011



这句话正正形容了我当下的情况,所以我都会耐心地等。这些日子 ,让我明白了不少道理。。。

1) 成就别人也是一种成就。目前的安排,让我接触不少孩子。。特别是小学生,勾起了我的种种回忆…总是总是在想像,十年后的他们是什么模样。。总是总是有很多话想对他们说,虽然顽皮,但我知道他们本性不坏。因为爸妈工作时间长的原因;因为爸妈在外地做工;因为爸妈本身学历不高;因为…只想让学习力慢、跟不上学校进度的孩子,多学几个字。。。补习,成了孩子们第二个家。

2) 目前的工作让我不得不暂时放下一些事物…同时也让我更清楚知道自己想要的和应该要的是什么,踏入社会的第一堂课才刚开始。我知道自己有能力面对一切... :)

3) 希望自己可以在忍耐一些些…就像竹子长大过程一样,刚开始很久时,只看见一点小矛头…只要不断地灌溉和细心照顾,它在瞬间的成长是你我无法想象的哦…

加油加油加油 ^_____^

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08 August 2011

Ello from babe sII

This is my first time blogging using my babe sII, just to test out the apps i've downloaded just now !! It's called Blogaway!! If this works, i guess im gonna blog mo often.. Hehee!

But errrrr...don thk it allows me to post pic?!! Pictureless....!

Loving my babe s2 so much..  it just completed the life of a Google-Queen!!! Woots! Me mammi named it as me-lil-lappy! Teehehee... ^^

10 July 2011

It's FREE!!!! I ask you to ask me lok.... FAST! hehee


what do your Papa Mama/KIDS have for breakfast today neh??!!

Can you 100% guarantee your breakfast is healthy??! (hehe..coz I can!!!)

BUT, don't worry~!! Ring me up to have a FREE HEALTHY BREAKFAST before your health alarms you!!
By changing JUST YOUR BREAKFAST, you can LIVE A HEALTHIER life, WHY NOT?? + now you can have it for FREE TRIAL, you don't RUGI lose anything rite?

A FREE Health Evaluation WORTH RM 200!!! 

If you feel shy to ring me up, sms will do yo!! 
We all have a MISSION, that's to stay healthy and make ppl we care healthier!

Hesitation???? I will wait you till you get serious, but how about ur health?!!
Curious? nah.......come and see for yourself! ^^

09 July 2011

June's tidbits!~

Yo, mie dearest bloggie, sorry for neglecting you all this while. All this delayed post happened because I have yet to have a smartphone to be able to update u 24/7 my self-declared holidays are packed with so many vacations and mini tiny random important stuff!! 

Kay, shall stop crappin'! hehe.. Have been flying to the WESTmsia recently! WHY??? Cz my dad operates AA!not funnie! To have my last vacation b4 I begin my new life as a working-adult AND of course to spend some quality time with the bf AND TO COLLECT MY MAXIS iPad Prize !!

ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Finally get my hands on you!!! hehe... having great time while searching the way to Nuffnang Office yo!!! MAN........ Nuffnang Office is the coolest office I've ever step in (exclude google or mac company coz i oni saw that in TV) , it is way too cool , see it for yourself at HERE!!!

 (pls do ignore my gummy smile, can't help it! my trademark!!hahahaa)

Am going to talk about my trip in some other post..*yawn!!*

Another random fact bout mieeeeee this June is: 
I've found my NEW LOVE!!!!!


Snowflakes best seller!!!
Tell me!!! Who could resist such heavenly nice yummy tora balls?!!! ish ish... looking at this pic makes me carve for it even more now >.<

Must give it a try at Snowflakes when you happen to be in KL yo, you could have it at Pavillion or Sg Wang(newly open!).

Guess tad's all for now, T A T A!!~
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