09 July 2011

June's tidbits!~

Yo, mie dearest bloggie, sorry for neglecting you all this while. All this delayed post happened because I have yet to have a smartphone to be able to update u 24/7 my self-declared holidays are packed with so many vacations and mini tiny random important stuff!! 

Kay, shall stop crappin'! hehe.. Have been flying to the WESTmsia recently! WHY??? Cz my dad operates AA!not funnie! To have my last vacation b4 I begin my new life as a working-adult AND of course to spend some quality time with the bf AND TO COLLECT MY MAXIS iPad Prize !!

ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Finally get my hands on you!!! hehe... having great time while searching the way to Nuffnang Office yo!!! MAN........ Nuffnang Office is the coolest office I've ever step in (exclude google or mac company coz i oni saw that in TV) , it is way too cool , see it for yourself at HERE!!!

 (pls do ignore my gummy smile, can't help it! my trademark!!hahahaa)

Am going to talk about my trip in some other post..*yawn!!*

Another random fact bout mieeeeee this June is: 
I've found my NEW LOVE!!!!!


Snowflakes best seller!!!
Tell me!!! Who could resist such heavenly nice yummy tora balls?!!! ish ish... looking at this pic makes me carve for it even more now >.<

Must give it a try at Snowflakes when you happen to be in KL yo, you could have it at Pavillion or Sg Wang(newly open!).

Guess tad's all for now, T A T A!!~

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