18 March 2011

Kitties in da house!!!!

5 kitties say  H E L L O  from K05!!!
Few months ago have been seeing this mummy kitty walking around with her big tummy, and these are her precious poducts..<3  lovelyyyyyyyyyyy!!! 

See, this is where they stay o... mummy kitty thinks that it's safe for them to live and grow at "second floor", to stay away from other harms... hehe..notice the Gardenia bread??? The whole hostel are giving 101% close attention for the new born babies!! <3 Especially when they are just outside my room!! awwww..

 Awaken by me.. the "click-click" sound frm my cam! LOL. tell you one funny incident! I had a strong urge to snap their pictas with my lil-n at the very first time I saw mummy kitty 'transfer' them to this new home. Once I took out lil-n (which obviously is not little to them), mummy kitty was shocked and thought I was a harm to them! >.< she jump in front of me and show me her claws!!! (*scared and run away!! omgeee*)
 See the way they sleep??? Squezzing with each other to keep everyone warm...eeeee! I oso want!
The kitties are growing day by day o.. now they moved to the lower shelf, mummy kitty teach them how to do the CAT WALK~~~ meowwwwwww!

wait wait... who is the mummy and daddy cat? I was wondering actually, why I oni see mummy kitty with the babies but never daddy kitty geh? Nevermind! I already figure out who is the daddy kitty when I recall back the pictures I took last year!! This is the daddy!!!!

The prove is:

Notice the pattern of this kitten?? The one and oni!! hmm.. I guess mummy's gene is STRONGER then the daddy's huh? The kitties just brighten up my sucky day!! meow meowwwwwwwwww!!!

15 March 2011

Maxis and Nuffnang gave me an iPad 3G 32GB ^^

I knew I have described my "heart-almost-jump-out" feeling alot of times already, especially when I checked my gmail!!! How could I love Nuffnang less when it is treating me so well huh??? Awwww.... First contest I participated after I became a Maxis evangelist and Maxis gave me an iPad for my iPad Apps idea~!!!!

See this!!!! (I believe the whole AmanDamai K05(my hostel) can listen my shouting and thought someone had hysteria and screaming like wad!!!! teehehehe....my hands are shaking while calling my mum to tell her this!!!)

Awwwwwww........! I thought I have lost hope in winning an iPad after I didn't win the A&W photo contest but who knows, my luck finally comes back to me after so longgggggggggg!!!! hahaa.. A&W's prize is oni iPad wifi 16GB but I have won back myself an iPad 3G 32G, VERY GENEROUS of Maxis!!!!!

I guess sometimes LAWS OF ATTRACTION really works ya, at least for me!!!! ^_____^
hehee... Wonder how I win this??? Click HERE to read my winning post!!!! 

very very COMMITTED TO OUR DREAMS, Maxis!!!!!!!

10 March 2011

[Just for FUN!!] My sis~ wakekeke

Found this at facebook and give it a try which turns out to be so-easy-to-do and it made my day! wakekeke
What's that? Click here and watch it!

Unbelievable isn't it? hehee..wad's your story to tell?
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