15 March 2011

Maxis and Nuffnang gave me an iPad 3G 32GB ^^

I knew I have described my "heart-almost-jump-out" feeling alot of times already, especially when I checked my gmail!!! How could I love Nuffnang less when it is treating me so well huh??? Awwww.... First contest I participated after I became a Maxis evangelist and Maxis gave me an iPad for my iPad Apps idea~!!!!

See this!!!! (I believe the whole AmanDamai K05(my hostel) can listen my shouting and thought someone had hysteria and screaming like wad!!!! teehehehe....my hands are shaking while calling my mum to tell her this!!!)

Awwwwwww........! I thought I have lost hope in winning an iPad after I didn't win the A&W photo contest but who knows, my luck finally comes back to me after so longgggggggggg!!!! hahaa.. A&W's prize is oni iPad wifi 16GB but I have won back myself an iPad 3G 32G, VERY GENEROUS of Maxis!!!!!

I guess sometimes LAWS OF ATTRACTION really works ya, at least for me!!!! ^_____^
hehee... Wonder how I win this??? Click HERE to read my winning post!!!! 

very very COMMITTED TO OUR DREAMS, Maxis!!!!!!!

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