16 January 2011

Inventing my own iPad Application for Maxis

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If I were given a chance to create an iPad apps that could fulfill most people's my desireSss, I would create this:
wth is iMoment huh? Let me explain briefly, it's very committed to our dream (just like Maxis)!!:

In fairy tales, we always have crystal ball that allows us to predict and see the future, right?! *We all wished to have one!*

In movies, we have time machines that could bring us travel through time, return and a peep at the past! *I want to see the baby eryn back in 20years ago, don't you?*

In Harry Potter's world, the pictures inside their newspaper are animated, animated pictures are soOo cool! *If only there is an apps to capture my precious moment in animated pictures!*

In reality, some people came out with super advance apps for awesome gadget like iPhone to control a car!

Now, how about an iPad that allow us to have fully control over our life?? Sounds crazzee but I believe this is the idea that at least ever crossed through our mind once in our lifetime!!

Hard to imagine? Let me make things simple for you: iMoment works just like your TV remote control! Except that it allows us to control over our own life but not just a car! In  the future, under the most affordable and valueble Maxis iPad data plan, Maxis users can control their life using iMoment with just A TOUCH!
Now, you see: There are special moments in life we wish to have a second look, we have strong curiosity that drives us to have a peep of the future, or we simply just wana pause at this very moment!

Here's the friendly user manual... hehe

At a click at the iMoment icon on the iPad screen, this page would appear with a screen showing the moments that we have selected in our life.

It's just too cool isn't it???? Time machine is no longer a dream with iMoment apps especially for all!!~~

Not only we can return to the pass, now let's try forwarding to the future using iMoment apps. Repeat the same procedure as show above, just set the date in advance or it will auto-set upon ur special request!

Aha, I knew I would win this whole thing. *evil grin*

With iMoment, we can easily switch to any timezone we want. (SPECIAL TIPS, for the BEST performance like such data heavy apps, please use Maxis iPad Data plan!! ^_____^)
Besides rewinding and forwarding moments in our lives, we could record the moment of a lifetime too!!!

Bonus: Special feature of iMoment apps is we can fly into the scene of a movie!! Let me show you how!!!

iPad is now available with Maxis~~~~ people!!!! You won't wanna missed it! Maxis iPad Data Plans exclusive for iPad which is tailor-made to suits your need is up for grab now! (Faster visit here : http://www.maxis.com.my/personal/ipad/ipad_postpaid.asp) teeheehee....

Here is the Great Offer planssss-Postpaid & Prepaid!! :D


Tempted by the great offer ler? You have no time to lose now, so grab it now =)

Have something in mind after reading my post? hehe.. Invent your own iPad Apps for Maxis at Maxis@Nuffnang!

Very Committed to our dreams, only MAXIS~

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