28 January 2011

TO-DO list

Yo, the long awaited break is FINALLY HERE!!
First thing first!!! I got a new SONY WALKMAN, and it's white in color weiiiii, 2GB~ Pictures will be uploading soon ya!! ONCE again, big huge THANKS to SONY and NUFFNANG!! (I know i sibeh-loso.. paiseh but i can't help it!! hehehe)

There are so many tasks to be completed during this CNY break:
1) To interview a wedding photographer for my FYP(Final Year Project), which I have this one person in mind and I hope he would gladly do me this favour!! *finger crossed!!*
2) To gather info about news reporting about BAKUN DAM in Sarawak.
3) To get photos from another wedding photographer for my FYP again.
4) To update my HET224 blog for my minor course's group assignment.
5) To read the HET224 short stories and complete the 3pages open book test.
6) TRY to do a rencana.

yea....see the TO-DO list!! Did I missed out anything?? Notify me if you happen to notice I miss out anything ya.... hehe... Do support me in this & this yoo... Drop me a comment or two ya!!!

19 January 2011

113 my birthday ^___^

Updates about moi big-day aka my buttbirthday!!
Turning 23 means I can have 3 birthday celebration zit? hehe... I'm not going to say much, let the pictures do the talking. (Please forget about the fact that i'm 23 after clicking X at the right corner page kay?? LOL)

First, because my lil sis had got herself involved in some extra activities(which is why she is so busy lately) suggested to have an earlier celebration with me *touching!!!(she never so "zhu dong" one)*! And we went to Little Cottage!!! muahaha... a place we explored last semester~

Seriously, I saw lotsa blogger (I assume they are!) doing this before having their meals!! LOL

And the second one!! 
On the actual day afternoon, which is the 130111...
My fellow course mates which have been celebrating my birthday 3 years in a row were throwing me a surprise birthday celebration (not-so-surprise-as-my-6th-sense-quite-chun! LOL..SS!) , thanks for making it up for meeee!! It's been a while we haven't gather along after we went into different major, guys! As for Jia Hee especially, thank kiuk soo much for your effort in protecting the cake!! ^_____^ This would be the last time we are celebrating together as we are graduating soon, thankiuk to all ya........ Il miss it!!!
Yoyoooooo.. Last but not least, special guest all the way from Coooooool-qing and my old pals!!
We went to Pizza Hut for cheeeesie feast (never tired of cheeseeeee... I want more!! LOL)!!!! 
 Later, ningning need to go back for her night class~ So then left the 3 of us for Straits Quay~~!! It rained half way while we were happily camwhoring T______T See... (But we still SS ourselves there, see I got LOVE from them for my birthdayyyy!)

Late at night when the rain still raining non-stop...... We went back to my hostel~

Haha... get the whole stories through the pics??? The pictures are courtesy of Miss Kelaaaaaaaaaa!!! (Faster get one then we sama-sama practice!! LOL...)Thankiuk for the nite galsssssssss!!!! We should hang out more often at this island before we all graduate~~~~~ (p/s: Ningning, I love your shirttttt!!! Angel I already miss you, go get the S Size Nichii dress! Kela bila kita mau pergi explore and photo-taking lagi??)
 Moi birthdae cake!!~ (whoooops... My power puff gal pillow ter-exposed pulak!! haha)

Here comes the last picture:
Heheee.... I supposed this is the Planner!!! Angellllllll~ 

Thankiuk for all those that wished me through fb, messages and calls ya!!! Thanks for remembering Siaw Yin =) 

16 January 2011

A Magnolia Sherbet a day lights on my magical moment the healthiest way

Him: Why?
Her: Coz.. "Melon, melon~ wo ai ni!~~" hahaa.. becoz F&N Magnolia Sherbet lights on my magical moment the healthiest and miraculous way by meeting you and me!!

okayy....(enough of the intro!) Obviously it's a happy ending for me and the prince, all because of my favourite Magnolia Sherbet Melon flavour!!! The story begin like this...

I happened to have a step mother and 2 step sisters like Cinderella which treated me just like the typical Cinderella story. I only gets to eat leftover desserts, often melted ice-cream, super high sugar content ice-cream! It is THE MUST-EAT food according to them, so that I would look fatter then them! Years by years, my body size turn from Hour-glass-shape to a melon shape!

Then one day....there comes the prince's 21st birthdaee, a day where every gals dream of going since the day they were born (got so great meh the prince??)! While I was eating the melted & high sugar ice-cream again, a melon (he told me he was a melon genie) talked to me in the kitchen corner!!

"In order to break this curse, you must go to the prom and get the Prince to dance with you!" said melon-genie.

"But how am I going to fit myself in pretty prom dress with such a melon-body-size neh???" 

The magical melon showed me a brilliant way, which is to surf on the Nuffnang website for this: 

Lift Your Senses with F&N Magnolia Sherbet!!

Here’s where F&N Magnolia Sherbet comes in to save me!! F&N Magnolia Sherbet's texture is lighter and smoother than regular ice cream, some more it contains real fruit pieces/puree!! It looks so refreshing with 4 kind of fruit flavor for me to choose gok!! MANGOSTEEN, LYCHEE, ORANGE & my favourite MELON!! See:
 F&N Magnolia's Sherbet that serve as a brilliant alternative which was just as yummy as ice cream, but without the richness of regular ice cream is exactly what I wanted!!! Magnolia Sherbetttttttttttttttttttttt hooray!!

Went searching all over for the Magnolia Sherbet while I sneak out of the house, I finally found it at Sg Wang's King's confectionary woiii!!! And it's freakin' RM2.50 ONLY in West Msia and RM2.80 in East Msia!! Faster check it out in your nearest Petronas outlet or hypermarket!! teeheehe...

Then, there it was, the magical melon genie.

Believe me, this taste 100 times better and healthier compare to the regular ice-cream I had before!! I felt 200% satisfaction, like floating in cloud 9 while the Magnolia Sherbet Melon flavour melted slowly in my mouth, soaking into my tastebud and yet I felt so fat-free!!

yoyo...Melon-genie uncover the secret behind the Magnolia Sherbet- Melon!!

And so...The day is finally here and I secretly sneak out from home taking the Melon Catridge to meet the prince!!
Once I reached the prince's palace bungalow, I saw the prince. Love at first sight?~ He saw me too and we danced, we talked, we shared the same magnolia sherbet, it's Melon flavour tooo!!!

Sad thing is: When the clock strikes 12.01am, my melon cartridge will turn back to melon!! So I had no choice but to rush back home. Just before we manage to finished the magnolia sherbet melon, I left the prince with the cover and gone with the other half cup magnolia sherbet.

Soon, the prince came and search for me, house by house~ he couldn't get the right combination at first (becoz only ours matches!!)...until he came to knock at my door!!!

teeheehee....Guess you know the how's the ending rite??? As the song "melon, melon~ wo ai ni.." is played, the prince found me and we danced again in his "Magnolia Sherbet Feast" party after he found me.

 For more info where to get this yummylicious yet healthylicious Magnolia Sherbet, visit here!

❤ F&N Magnolia Sherbet- 

Magnificent Melon!!!!!~~~~

Inventing my own iPad Application for Maxis

Maxis contest participant badge

If I were given a chance to create an iPad apps that could fulfill most people's my desireSss, I would create this:
wth is iMoment huh? Let me explain briefly, it's very committed to our dream (just like Maxis)!!:

In fairy tales, we always have crystal ball that allows us to predict and see the future, right?! *We all wished to have one!*

In movies, we have time machines that could bring us travel through time, return and a peep at the past! *I want to see the baby eryn back in 20years ago, don't you?*

In Harry Potter's world, the pictures inside their newspaper are animated, animated pictures are soOo cool! *If only there is an apps to capture my precious moment in animated pictures!*

In reality, some people came out with super advance apps for awesome gadget like iPhone to control a car!

Now, how about an iPad that allow us to have fully control over our life?? Sounds crazzee but I believe this is the idea that at least ever crossed through our mind once in our lifetime!!

Hard to imagine? Let me make things simple for you: iMoment works just like your TV remote control! Except that it allows us to control over our own life but not just a car! In  the future, under the most affordable and valueble Maxis iPad data plan, Maxis users can control their life using iMoment with just A TOUCH!
Now, you see: There are special moments in life we wish to have a second look, we have strong curiosity that drives us to have a peep of the future, or we simply just wana pause at this very moment!

Here's the friendly user manual... hehe

At a click at the iMoment icon on the iPad screen, this page would appear with a screen showing the moments that we have selected in our life.

It's just too cool isn't it???? Time machine is no longer a dream with iMoment apps especially for all!!~~

Not only we can return to the pass, now let's try forwarding to the future using iMoment apps. Repeat the same procedure as show above, just set the date in advance or it will auto-set upon ur special request!

Aha, I knew I would win this whole thing. *evil grin*

With iMoment, we can easily switch to any timezone we want. (SPECIAL TIPS, for the BEST performance like such data heavy apps, please use Maxis iPad Data plan!! ^_____^)
Besides rewinding and forwarding moments in our lives, we could record the moment of a lifetime too!!!

Bonus: Special feature of iMoment apps is we can fly into the scene of a movie!! Let me show you how!!!

iPad is now available with Maxis~~~~ people!!!! You won't wanna missed it! Maxis iPad Data Plans exclusive for iPad which is tailor-made to suits your need is up for grab now! (Faster visit here : http://www.maxis.com.my/personal/ipad/ipad_postpaid.asp) teeheehee....

Here is the Great Offer planssss-Postpaid & Prepaid!! :D


Tempted by the great offer ler? You have no time to lose now, so grab it now =)

Have something in mind after reading my post? hehe.. Invent your own iPad Apps for Maxis at Maxis@Nuffnang!

Very Committed to our dreams, only MAXIS~

13 January 2011

每年的今天 (^^) -130111










那时候的每个周末,阿爸都会带我们到马当红桥区picnic和玩水,然后在到satok的Pizza Ria买皮萨


还记得每当爸爸自己 DIY roti canai 或烧包时,我们都闹着玩,爸爸就会给我们小小的面粉团来捏粘土










今天,是happy birthday,更是grateful give birthday,  妈咪!!!


每年的今天 ,不只是生命开始的紀念
每年的今天 ,是母亲铅华洗尽的容顏

每年的今天 ,不只是生命开始的紀念
每年的今天 ,是父亲双手重疊的厚茧

給我顺利成长的家园, 为我几度落泪的双眼
那铅华洗尽的容顏 ,最美的一张脸



12 January 2011

120111 Grad Trip to Hong Kong Pre-planning 01

I will be invading going to Hong Kong with my USM friends for my graduation trip this year!!! Guess what, I've always wanted to visit Hong Kong as influenced by HK series and also Amanzing raceeeee~~ And lucky us can get the cheap AA fare from PG-HK two way just for RM241 man!!!! 

teeheehee... of course, big planning for the trip have to be done in advance! And so, I read some forums and manage to have a very first draft of our trip schedule and budget planning! woohoohoo... But hor, this is actually my very first time planning for an oversea trip, although many things can be planned earlier but I'm always prepared for sudden-pop-up-situation when we reach there geh!

LOL, my frens who are joining this trip, please don't get shocked by my super early planning ya, actually it's not early dy... I think for hotel wise, we need to do early bookings!

And, I wanted to get a HK travel guide from bookstore but I could hardly find HK ones!!! This is what I manage to find which I hesitated in buying it.

 This is the my ideal one, I went and look for it in Popular BookstoreSSS in Penang but failed! hmm... Will try to borrow from Horsey to have a look during CNY and ask xiangru's opinion too heehe~~ If possible I hope I can get one copy for myself to bring to HK and keep as collection.

lalaa.. I guess tad's all for a boring nite~! Doing trip research makes me over-excited!! I can imagine I am actually in HK now!!~~ ahaha...*sakai*

11 January 2011

If I were the Green Hornet

If I were a Green Hornet (hornette)
Green Hornet
*Beware of eryn's wildest imaginationi!!!*
Faster make your 27th Jan 2011 a free day to watch "The Green Hornet" movie in your nearest GSC Cinema ya, for now.. enjoy eryn's version of "If I were The Green Hornet"!!

On the very first day of 2011, I was stung by a hornet flying out of no where! FYI, it’s GREEN in colour!! I fainted and had a weird dream after that. 

The minute I woke up I saw myself turning greeeeen, with two antennas on my head, a sting at my butt and a pair of wings behind me!! 
And what is even worst is: there are two other weird looking creature look almost same like me standing beside me!!
Oh okayyyy, now I need to save the world huh?! Well, it’so-damn-cool-lo!! Now I'm like one of the superheros ehhh!

Beep beep…beep..beeeeep!!!”  my antenna sense there is a crime happening!! At the speed of a nuclear bomb, I rushed to the crime scene and there……..

My super sonic antenna can detect crime.

My speedy wings fly at the speed of light and could create tornado to vanquish the bad guys.
My boxing hands have the biggest strength that is mightier than incredible hulk

My sexy eyes can compelled the bad guys and persuade them to surrender in peace

My most powerful secret weapon is-----> toxic gas when my pet(Green hornet-dog) fart.
and...errr.... last but not least la...I will call 999 if my partner and I can't handle it! LOL

After defeating numerous serious crimes that bad man and superman couldn’t handle with last time, I was call upon for a meeting with the Royal Queen of Green Hornet for complimentary awards.
“Now you are free to go back to where you come from, but remember, we will always summon you using this secret device call Sony Walkman when needed! p/s: Wear it when you are asleep too!!” said the Queen.

“Yes your highness!” me crying in tears of joy, can I forever be a Green Hornet ar?!

Hey, I know I am cool for being the first and only female hornet (hornette) but don’t forget about my other two partners leh!! Faster catch the show “The Green Hornet” by my other two partners in cinema on 27 Jan 2011! You won’t wana miss it, trust me!!!

Ahemm… FYI, the special device (Sony Walkman) in on the way delivering to me, can’t wait for the next mission!!

Haha… a little bonus for you all lar~ I know you all are as excited like me!! Faster write a post on “If I were a Green Hornet” to win yourself 2 passes to the premiere screening of the show and a chance to win yourself a sony walkman!!

Special thanks to Sony Pictures Entertainment Malaysia for bringing us, the bloggers a chance to watch The Green Hornet 3days before the actual release in Malaysia which falls on 27th January 2011!! Nuffnang, I love you more and more you know?? xoxo... hehe
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