16 January 2011

A Magnolia Sherbet a day lights on my magical moment the healthiest way

Him: Why?
Her: Coz.. "Melon, melon~ wo ai ni!~~" hahaa.. becoz F&N Magnolia Sherbet lights on my magical moment the healthiest and miraculous way by meeting you and me!!

okayy....(enough of the intro!) Obviously it's a happy ending for me and the prince, all because of my favourite Magnolia Sherbet Melon flavour!!! The story begin like this...

I happened to have a step mother and 2 step sisters like Cinderella which treated me just like the typical Cinderella story. I only gets to eat leftover desserts, often melted ice-cream, super high sugar content ice-cream! It is THE MUST-EAT food according to them, so that I would look fatter then them! Years by years, my body size turn from Hour-glass-shape to a melon shape!

Then one day....there comes the prince's 21st birthdaee, a day where every gals dream of going since the day they were born (got so great meh the prince??)! While I was eating the melted & high sugar ice-cream again, a melon (he told me he was a melon genie) talked to me in the kitchen corner!!

"In order to break this curse, you must go to the prom and get the Prince to dance with you!" said melon-genie.

"But how am I going to fit myself in pretty prom dress with such a melon-body-size neh???" 

The magical melon showed me a brilliant way, which is to surf on the Nuffnang website for this: 

Lift Your Senses with F&N Magnolia Sherbet!!

Here’s where F&N Magnolia Sherbet comes in to save me!! F&N Magnolia Sherbet's texture is lighter and smoother than regular ice cream, some more it contains real fruit pieces/puree!! It looks so refreshing with 4 kind of fruit flavor for me to choose gok!! MANGOSTEEN, LYCHEE, ORANGE & my favourite MELON!! See:
 F&N Magnolia's Sherbet that serve as a brilliant alternative which was just as yummy as ice cream, but without the richness of regular ice cream is exactly what I wanted!!! Magnolia Sherbetttttttttttttttttttttt hooray!!

Went searching all over for the Magnolia Sherbet while I sneak out of the house, I finally found it at Sg Wang's King's confectionary woiii!!! And it's freakin' RM2.50 ONLY in West Msia and RM2.80 in East Msia!! Faster check it out in your nearest Petronas outlet or hypermarket!! teeheehe...

Then, there it was, the magical melon genie.

Believe me, this taste 100 times better and healthier compare to the regular ice-cream I had before!! I felt 200% satisfaction, like floating in cloud 9 while the Magnolia Sherbet Melon flavour melted slowly in my mouth, soaking into my tastebud and yet I felt so fat-free!!

yoyo...Melon-genie uncover the secret behind the Magnolia Sherbet- Melon!!

And so...The day is finally here and I secretly sneak out from home taking the Melon Catridge to meet the prince!!
Once I reached the prince's palace bungalow, I saw the prince. Love at first sight?~ He saw me too and we danced, we talked, we shared the same magnolia sherbet, it's Melon flavour tooo!!!

Sad thing is: When the clock strikes 12.01am, my melon cartridge will turn back to melon!! So I had no choice but to rush back home. Just before we manage to finished the magnolia sherbet melon, I left the prince with the cover and gone with the other half cup magnolia sherbet.

Soon, the prince came and search for me, house by house~ he couldn't get the right combination at first (becoz only ours matches!!)...until he came to knock at my door!!!

teeheehee....Guess you know the how's the ending rite??? As the song "melon, melon~ wo ai ni.." is played, the prince found me and we danced again in his "Magnolia Sherbet Feast" party after he found me.

 For more info where to get this yummylicious yet healthylicious Magnolia Sherbet, visit here!

❤ F&N Magnolia Sherbet- 

Magnificent Melon!!!!!~~~~

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