19 January 2011

113 my birthday ^___^

Updates about moi big-day aka my buttbirthday!!
Turning 23 means I can have 3 birthday celebration zit? hehe... I'm not going to say much, let the pictures do the talking. (Please forget about the fact that i'm 23 after clicking X at the right corner page kay?? LOL)

First, because my lil sis had got herself involved in some extra activities(which is why she is so busy lately) suggested to have an earlier celebration with me *touching!!!(she never so "zhu dong" one)*! And we went to Little Cottage!!! muahaha... a place we explored last semester~

Seriously, I saw lotsa blogger (I assume they are!) doing this before having their meals!! LOL

And the second one!! 
On the actual day afternoon, which is the 130111...
My fellow course mates which have been celebrating my birthday 3 years in a row were throwing me a surprise birthday celebration (not-so-surprise-as-my-6th-sense-quite-chun! LOL..SS!) , thanks for making it up for meeee!! It's been a while we haven't gather along after we went into different major, guys! As for Jia Hee especially, thank kiuk soo much for your effort in protecting the cake!! ^_____^ This would be the last time we are celebrating together as we are graduating soon, thankiuk to all ya........ Il miss it!!!
Yoyoooooo.. Last but not least, special guest all the way from Coooooool-qing and my old pals!!
We went to Pizza Hut for cheeeesie feast (never tired of cheeseeeee... I want more!! LOL)!!!! 
 Later, ningning need to go back for her night class~ So then left the 3 of us for Straits Quay~~!! It rained half way while we were happily camwhoring T______T See... (But we still SS ourselves there, see I got LOVE from them for my birthdayyyy!)

Late at night when the rain still raining non-stop...... We went back to my hostel~

Haha... get the whole stories through the pics??? The pictures are courtesy of Miss Kelaaaaaaaaaa!!! (Faster get one then we sama-sama practice!! LOL...)Thankiuk for the nite galsssssssss!!!! We should hang out more often at this island before we all graduate~~~~~ (p/s: Ningning, I love your shirttttt!!! Angel I already miss you, go get the S Size Nichii dress! Kela bila kita mau pergi explore and photo-taking lagi??)
 Moi birthdae cake!!~ (whoooops... My power puff gal pillow ter-exposed pulak!! haha)

Here comes the last picture:
Heheee.... I supposed this is the Planner!!! Angellllllll~ 

Thankiuk for all those that wished me through fb, messages and calls ya!!! Thanks for remembering Siaw Yin =) 

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