28 January 2011

TO-DO list

Yo, the long awaited break is FINALLY HERE!!
First thing first!!! I got a new SONY WALKMAN, and it's white in color weiiiii, 2GB~ Pictures will be uploading soon ya!! ONCE again, big huge THANKS to SONY and NUFFNANG!! (I know i sibeh-loso.. paiseh but i can't help it!! hehehe)

There are so many tasks to be completed during this CNY break:
1) To interview a wedding photographer for my FYP(Final Year Project), which I have this one person in mind and I hope he would gladly do me this favour!! *finger crossed!!*
2) To gather info about news reporting about BAKUN DAM in Sarawak.
3) To get photos from another wedding photographer for my FYP again.
4) To update my HET224 blog for my minor course's group assignment.
5) To read the HET224 short stories and complete the 3pages open book test.
6) TRY to do a rencana.

yea....see the TO-DO list!! Did I missed out anything?? Notify me if you happen to notice I miss out anything ya.... hehe... Do support me in this & this yoo... Drop me a comment or two ya!!!

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