11 February 2011

February updates

wookay!! This is going to be a wordy post!
All because my Compaq Presario V3000 lappy went into forever coma state-----> RIP!!
Well, chinese idiom said : If the old one didn't go, new one doesn't come!

Hope I can fast-fast win whatever big prize for me to buy a new lappy!!! Currently using the hp mini with oni 1GB ram that doesn't allow me to use graphic heavy software like photoshop =.=

I have start surveying and I have 3 brands in mind~
1) Lenovo (Z460)
2) Dell (Vostro 3400)
3) Asus (dunno-wic-model-gok)

I am looking for specs like this:
1) Intel i5 processor
2) 500GB HDD
3) 2 or 4GB ram
4) Webcam+wifi+card reader+bluetooth
5) DVD burner
6) nVidia or ATI graphic card
7) 14'' inch

Budget? I'm ready to go for RM2000-2300(more if I really win big prize!!!*finger crossed!!*)

THAT is my UPDATE 1!

CNY is NOT OVER yet!!! not untill chap goh meh lo!!! If I successfully do all my work according to my plan, I could go back for ChapGohMeh weiiiii..... po pi po pi~~~ just 3days oni!

First draft of my HK trip is out. teehehee... waiting for 1st meeting with the gang?!

My houz got 2 new wabbitssssss!!! I am running out of creative names for both of them, just KIKI for the boywabbit and LALA for the galwabbit!! And hor, my korup(short-legged mix breed dog) keep spying at 2 of them. Wonder what's he up to!!! haha

I am BACK in Penang with lotsa food e.g. daddy's fried nian gao, 2 mandarin oranges by mami, kek lapis for friends!!!! I think I always bring rain when I fly...not just one time....many many times dy hoh!! And both Kuching n Penang rained just now!!^___^ liang liang eh weather!

Well... I guess that's all for now(If not becoz the TV at my floor cannot watch ntv7, I won't sit here blogging lo....lazybug me!!)!!!


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