20 February 2011

mOmo say hello..~~~

"hola people~~ imma mOmo! From now own, I'll replace the pinky star's position and be the 'wang-and-onee' in eryn's sweetdream!!"
teeheheee.. notice the mo somewhere on top the head?? Yeeeap, tad's how I got the name mOmo... (If one day I go bold, I probably will be named bOmo(means no hair!)~~haha..so lame!!) 

Name: mOmo
Age: 15days (date of adoption 6th February 2011)
Hobby: Hugged by the owner
Hate: Salivated by the sleeping owner
Ambition: Grow more mO(hair)  24hour body guard for the 'wang-and-oneee' owner

tchao!!~~ gtg now...Please rmbr how I looked like now wookay...I can't guarantee I will look as "pure white"  as this when I grow older!!~ bb...!

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