20 February 2011

from 13 to 15~ a lil bit happening!

When my cny mood is turned on, it's not gonna auto-shut-down until Chap Goh Meh's over~!
And so, I'm now officially get back into REALITY with a cheerful post-CNY mood (Have to be this way because lotsa work have to be done by March!)!

And so, we didn't really planned for this pre-valentine's gathering, ended up at the overpriced food @canton-i because dragon-i was people-mountain-people-sea that night! 
Keira is the one started off with the act-cute-kek-pao-face one!!! Meeting up means gossiping updating each other with everyone's recent busy life!! And we were so happy for you, ning!!! Got souvenir from Kela too, I pick the bluey mickey!!! arigatouuuuu ^____^

Next up, an earlier chapgohmeh dinner for the Communication gang!!~ (Before this, lotsa unfinished ASSignments had to be done! =.=) 

It really brings back the first year's memories where everyone attended classes and tutorials together. But although we were separated by different majors, we still clicked and always be the loudest to wherever we go! haha! See..this is "dai-xu-kiok"- seafood restaurant just right opposite weld quay, somewhere further up a bit after passing the over head bridge. 

 Dinner session full of the "H U A T  ar, O N G  ar, H E N G ar"~ A gathering never short of laughters~!!

Thanks to the power of "ONG-ness" of the gang, me made it to Kekloksi although it rained! We were separated into 2 groups then and ours went to the highest Guan Yin statue first!

Made 2 wishes!!(imma gonna HUAT arr!!)
 Saw this cute baby there!!! Not camera shy at all!!~ I guess she was thinking wad toy is this 'jeje' playing huh? Posing for me with her gongxigongxi pose! (=
Here, I love this shot by Nelson!! Next time I wana grow many many this kinda trees at my own future house and decorate them in such a way!!! Feel so fantasy la!!

We made it up to another side of Kekloksi..just for 20mins nia...Luckily manage to snap group pics! >,^
 Everyone get possessed by Bruce Lee there! Don't play play~~
 Sibeh nais rite???

FYI: Kekloksi oni open at night with such   f a n t a b u l o u s  breath-taking lightings during CNY until ChapGohMeh~ 
So, you will definitely missed out the BEST THING OF PENANG'S CNY if you missed the chance of going there! Well, I went there during my first year and I would definitely not missing this year's as I will be graduating soon!!! Hey friend, I will definitely miss all of you after we graduate!!

h U a t   aRrrrrr!!!!

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