20 February 2011

From 17 to 19~ a lil bit Surprising!

"Eloo, do you know where is this?? Where did eryn escape to?"
haha.. FYI, this is me sitting inside a car somewhere around Jln Badruddin's traffic light!!! Short escape back to Kuching thanks to AA!! Mind you, it's oni freakin' RM18 for a round trip from PG-KCH-PG! haha..my friend said I checked AA Website like I'm checking Bursa Saham!! It is a MUST for me to grab the you-pi-you-chee flight kay.. hehe! 

This is me, the latest jumping shot!!! I think the photographer Jacklyn  thinks this pic look more artistic or photogenic without my right hand and leg! =.= haha! But I like the way my hair flies yo! (it's freakin' hot and ms.photographer made me jump for dunno-how-MANY-times!)
Everything happens spontaneously! Well, I brought my Lil-N out, at first only plan to shoot the Old Court House for my magazine project, mana tau we started wandering around the places nearby!

This is just part of Waterfront! And that 'Majestic' looking building across the Sarawak river is our Dewan Undangan Negeri! Believe me, the view from on top of DUN is breath-taking! I oni been there once during my internship!

Not perfectly done, still got alot of flaws for my panorama first attempt! hehe!

There... The main subject of this unplanned photoshooting!

hahaa... no point for me to write another 3D2N Kuching post as my sis already did it, read here and here!
It's always relaxing and as if be with own family when hanging out with you guys!!! Always My Love My Family! <3

And while you are happily enjoying curiously reading my picture post, all this happened because of "angang"!!! tadaaaaaaaa.....

Let me present you my latest pet, ang-ang!!!!! Actually this is another major reason I went back to Kuching besides ChapGohMeh?!!

To grab this baby!!~~woots!
seeeeeee....very sexy hot rite?? I loved it for our first 24hours 'exploration period' and I know this time our relationship would last longer than the one I had with compaq!!! wakekeke.... 180211, mark ang-ang's birthdate!

Gtg now...! It's gonna be a packed week ahead AGAIN~ Can somebody wakes me up when February ends?? Mid-term, seminar, Berita Kampus, Magazine~~~mampus la...all at one go man!!! 

"Hope ang-ang brings me gud luck!!! ^o^ aza aza fighting! C h i o n g  ar... the exciting March is approaching!"

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