31 December 2010

2010's memorycard

Holaaaa friends!!! Err...A friendly reminder to all of you ya... This is gonna be a picture-heavy post like what my title imply: 2010 MEMORY CARD! hehe.. i dunno how many GBs of photos I have taken actually in 2010 but these are some of the worth sharing one.. i might missed up some but do remind me ya! hohoho....I actually prepared this post for ..3 days i think, to summarize 365days in a post!? 

Here comes J A N U A R Y!~

Are you ready for prosperity????? yoooo!!! it's woo-hoo year!~ 
My MOST favourite festival-Chinese New Year!!
It's F e b r u a r y !
Moving to next month.... a B-U-S-Y one!!! Due dates are coming together all at the same time (lucky I did my work on schedule) and of course the bday of the VVVIP! hehe
M a r c h  is approaching!

Next, we have.......EXAMSSSSss!!
A P r i L fulllll

Flying back to my home sweet home, start off my exciting 2 months holidays!!
M A Y is the month of merry~

The first 4 weeks of internship at Sin Chew Daily is like an eye-opener to me!! It wasn't love at first sight but falling in love with the position as a journalist is addictive, once you begin, you can't stop. 

Here comes the joyful moments which had added more colors into my holidays!
It was YanYii's wedding!! 

Time flies like the speed of light, u never know!!! Here it comes the time I hated most, time to say bye-bye Kuching again.
J u l y marks the beginning of my Final Year life!
August and September more or less doing the same thing!
Sorry dear all... Not much pictures taken about my life here, because being a JOURNALIST major student ain't that FREE to camwhore all-the-time!!! Whooops... We do take photos, but not self-photos ma. What did I do in JULY-AUGUST-SEPTEMBER: 

(1) Start my life as the Journalist of our campus newspaper: Berita Kampus. Practicing what I've learned during my internship, start meeting big shots of uni, train my courage and confident. (hehe...I quite agree with what my lecturer said: Only Journalism student's assignments and final year projects gets to read by big shots like the Vice Cansellor, Deans of School, lecturers and everyone else! Do the read your 100-200pages long thesis? haha.. jokin' )

(2) First time learning how to use a DSLR in YWP328E course! I started off with Canon 450D but I have already decided to get a Nikon before all this!

(3) Venturing into the world of Photoshop and Illustrator! (which helps alot in my future.. you will know after finish reading this post..hehe!) 

(4) In between, I have some gathering sessions and street photoshooting session!
 This is the BEST semester of all whereby I really felt that I am a Journalism student! I really enjoy myself in YWP328E course!

heheee....And there it goes again when the end of the semester is approaching, DEADlines! 
O c t o b e r  is here!
Seriously, I have surveyed for more than 6 months before getting my hands on the 2nd choice babe! For  kela, crystal those who intend to get one, I would recommend you these sites: dpreview.com for the review, mylensdb.com and shashinki for the price checking, Lowyat.NET for the discussion of everything!!

N o v e m b e r  in-da-house!
Basically I only have 3 papers for my finals for the full 3 weeks of exam week this month! That makes it one paper one week and I was complaining from the very first moment I knew about the timetable until my last paper! GOSH!!! I was so desperately looking for GOOD FORTUNE during my super long so-called study week! And there, being unable to find myself any part-time job(found one but the agent *ppk me!), I used my free time to join contest!! hehehehe........and that's when it becomes one of my hobby now! (hey, I found a new hobby in 2010!) 
*ppk= pang pueh ki (break promise in hokkien)
When  D e c e m b e r  arrived
And the effort is REWARDING!!!! (people... not showing off here ya.. hehe, just wanted to share with you all about the good fortune!! If you have a blog, if you wana have good fortune like me, if you love promo and free stuff, JOIN NUFFNANG!!!! Believe me... I never felt as lucky before if not because of Nuffnang!!)
The prizes I won:

Again, I would like to express my apreciation to Ryan who helped me alot!!! Herbalife people are great people, he is my upline and now he is earning more than RM10k per month, he is not even 30-years-old!!! haha...He is my coach!!

hoho... too much to update about my December life back in Kuching, you can always refer to here, here and here!

Oiii! Fall asleep dy izzit? I just want to say, 2010 has been a GREAT YEAR for me and I am so grateful for all the good and also bad things that happen. For the mistakes I did, I urge myself to make corrections and improve on it; For the misunderstandings I cause, I apologize to those who I have hurt directly and indirectly; For all the love and care from all my friends and families, can I hugged you all ar? May you all be blessed with  good health, big fortune, happiness and peacefulness!

Merry 2011 to all!  

30 December 2010


Eryn's status: BACK IN PENANG (turning on back-to-uni MODE)

First, settled down in my small-but-lovely room back in Damai (not the Damai resort in Kuching..hehe) with my sista. (Lucky to have her as my roomie huh?so that can lessen my homesick!) Pity me was having eye and nose allergy to Penang's weather or air and my sis just had to bare with the quite-polluted air and water of Penang that cause her skin allergy!!

Whoopps.. I accidentally skip Monday's minor class*pls forgive meee*! On wednesday, I was one of the earliest to  get to class and meet my "beloved" lecturers and coursemates for my major course! GREAT NEWS is: Our timetable has a minor change which gimme 4days of freedom in a week! hehe... but it will be occupied with meetings and fyp~

And one little not-so-good-news for me. My almost-3-years-old LAPPY is sick!! T.T  The technician from Pusat Komputer USM told me that the only solution for me is to REFORMAT my lappyyyyy! Ok, FINE! I know I have to deal with it sooner or later, but not this soon!! With the step-by-step instruction by my sifu back in Kuching, Mr. Z, I manage to reformat my own lappy for THE VERY FIRST ATTEMPT successfully!!!! *faster gimme a big round applause!! haha....*

Then, I manage to install Microsoft office 2007 by myself but failed for the Adobe softwares--MY MOST IMPORTANT TOOLs to join contest!!(my secret weapon ler!!!) =.=

I have no choice but to go to the Pusat Komputer USM again and luckily the technician helped me to check out what's wrong with my installer disc. Rupa-rupanya, the problem is with the disc!!!! Can you imagine it says it need 1 DAY to complete the COPY process of just some 3.59GB data from a DVD to my Desktop??? (with the speed of 1KB/sec...*fainted*) I went back to the shop and ask for a REFUND of course (although the tauke and tauke-nio like beh song me but I still manage to get back my 20bucks! Sorry and thankiuk ya tauke and tauke-nio!)

Tomorrow I'm gonna meet up with my other sifu, Mr. ATC to get the Adobe installer and help me install in my lappy!! Till then I shall keep this post as draft, and published it after I get all my pictures done!!

huhuu!! 2011 is here peopleeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
I am looking forward for next Wed!!!! woohooo....woo la lalala!!!

28 December 2010

OMGEEE!! Season of the witch - I won!!!!!! ;D

Omgeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I have been repeating "OMGEEE" for more than 100 times now???!! I just found out that my blog post on "Season of the Witch"  have been chosen as the most creative write up for Nuffnang mini contest!!! 

I was too excited and NOT-ABLE-TO-THINK&PLAN-PROPERLY now!! What am I gonna do next??? Lotsa plannings to be done!!! Woooohooo... Free vacation for meeeeee!!! Some more it's King Club access man!! *happy-die-me*

hahahaa.... I guess my blog post do cast a spell on all the readers eh, that's why I won myself 2 tickets to watch "Season of the Witch" premiere and also 3D/2N stay at Hard Rock Hotel Penang!!!!!! Okay... I know I might sound abit sakai (means stupid in hakka) now...but hey, this is the first ever FREE STAY AT SUCH SUPERIOR hotel I won using my own effort!!!! FYI, it would be my very first ever movie premiere screening too!!! Thanks to Nuffnang, Cathay Cineplex and of course Hard Rock Hotel Penang!!!!

hehee.. For now, please bare with the edited photo of mine in the Hard Rock Hotel Penang. I would definitely snap whole lotsaaaa pictures when I get there in person!!!! lalalaaa..... This would be my advance New Year gift huh???? 

Stay tune for SEASON OF THE WITCH people!!!!!!!!!!!! 

24 December 2010

The Season of the Witch is Here!!!

The Season of the Witch is Here!!! I'm so excited over it freakin' out!
Season of the witch

HEY, when I was small and it was Halloween, my English tuition teacher asked me to draw myself in a Halloween costume, and guess what, I drew a witch but not some pretty princess or cutie bunny that time!???

Can you believe it? *laugh-die-me haahaaa!* And the reason is simply because I think it’s cool to fly on a broom!! LOL…FYI, err… Back in 10 years time, there weren’t any Harry Potter, and yeapp I ever wished to be a witch just wanted to fly on a broom and also influenced by American series Sabrina the teenage witch and also Charmed! And now, Season of the Witch is coming out pretty soon so I guess I can get a better idea about witches by then!! 

NOW, what happens if there is a real witch (wicked ones, not the sweet sweet lovely ones!!) appears in real life, in my life??? NO WAY!!!! Not that I am too chicken to face with a real witch, I just couldn’t get rid of my fear!

How scary would a witch be??? Adui.... 6th Jan 2011 faster go watch SEASON OF THE WITCH to find out yourself baaah!!! hehe...Well, I can share abit here and there about my witch-phobia with you first! 

You see, witches cast spells! I wouldn’t want to be turned into a frog or any other disgusting animals! I am scared of witches because I hate frogs and don't want to be turned into one!!!!

And, I love apples, the fruit not the phone! LOL. Witches are the worst chef ever and I'm so scared of their poisonous apple!!! I wouldn’t want to be poisoned by witch’s poisonous apple!

Err…. Although I love sleeping but I don’t want the witch to put me into long sleep, where should I get a prince to kiss me so I will wake up miraculously? It would be my longest and worst nightmare if the witch I scared most did this to me!!! (Wake me up when 6th Jan reaches if the witch did this to me!!! I wana watch Season of the Witch!!!)

Oh well, if a girl tell you she doesn’t care about her beauty, she is definitely lying to you!!! I don’t want the typical old-wrinkled-pimpled witch to take away my beauty and turn me into a witch like her!!

I fear you not, WITCH!!! I don't wana end up like Rapunzel too! OMGeeee!!!! Some wicked witch might want to prison me up on a tower so she could stay young forever for my magic hair!!?

And, I’m too scared of witches because I’m worried they might suck my blood!!! Err… Too much vampire movies?? but hey, witches might be mutated over times and become favor for blood right?

Besides, witches favour for eyeballs, tongue, fingers, hair!!!!! What if they spotted me??? I don't want my fingers and tongue to be chop off by witches!! Yucks!!! This one is the yuckiest horror of all!!!

The scariest part is: Witches have wicked eyes, pimpled face, crooked nose, nasty smiles and scary fingers!!!!!!!
If I happened to meet one in real life, I would quickly run my life and get myself protected from the wicked at the Hard Rock Hotel in Penang! Please!!!! If you still couldn’t imagine how much disasters a witch could caused, faster mark the date on your calendar for SEASON OF THE WITCH!! It's on 6th Jan 2011!!!

Gosh.... Nicholas Cage from Season of the witch is coming for my rescue!!!!!!

Do you have a story to tell?? Nahh... not your love story!!! 
Share with us what scares you the most about witches by writing a blog post titled, “The Season of the Witch is Here” and you might be the lucky ones to watch Season of the Witch 1 day before its release in Malaysia courtesy of Nusantara Edaran Filem!!

Or... you story might just win you a 3D/2N stay at Hard Rock Hotel Penang Studio Suite with Kings Club Access !!!! More info at Nuffnang Malaysia yo....!!!


21 December 2010

201012 When we meet up!

Notice the lady-in-blue!! If you found her in my previous post, you would see a change in her HAIR!!! It turned purple-reddish and SHORTER!!! Well.. I couldn't recognize her when she showed up with ning!! haha... but THIS SUITS HER!!!

lalaa.... Catching up with angel for the first time after she came back from KL and we ended up at The Spring because of the heavy rain! We could have gone to The Junk? Good Times(recommended by ning!)? or anywhere but definitely not here, if not because of the basement carpark that could save us from getting wet!

haha...I know I sibeh gao complain one! I guess I'm a little bit over-trained on "critical thinking"??? lalaa..~

Notice there is a difference in our dress code? LOL! Someone is attending a late nite party after this!

We settled down in KIM BAY!!! hahahaa.. Be prepared for BULLETS ya... Read at your own risk! And this would be my LAST VISIT to Kim Bay!

There were 7 of us which were dining in but at a glance, all the tables are for the company of 4. So, we wanted to ask for the waitress whether we could join the table and ask for their help to do it or not, guess what? Our distance with the waitress are only 5cm away and I think our voice are loud enough for her to listen, and it is in bilingual - Mandarin and BM! =.= THEY just ignored us and walked away. (Why didn't we just walked away and go to another restaurant hoh that time??)

About the food... Not much choices I would say and it is abit TOO out of our expectation! Don't get cheated by the pictures!! Ningning is the most pity one, with her burger that comes with mayonnaise!! (P/s. Ningning don't take Dairy Products like milk, butter, cheese and mayonnaise!)  

 This is what Angel ordered, what-what Alfredo. According to her, it's not bad.
 Here, ningning's chicken chop burger.... Notice the amount of the mayonnaise?
 And, this is mine Iz's. =.= feel so regretted after ordering this!! Should have just ordered Alfredo. When I look back at this picture, I feel like puking.... uekkkkk!! Don't ever order this!! What-what twin sauce rice. Luckily Iz helped me to finished it, if not.... 15bucks wasted!
My rating for the service would be -10/10! The food 1/10. Well, if you favour Hong Kong cuisine like Kim Gary's or Causeway Bay's, DON'T COME HERE because they would let you DOWN!! Not to mention their price are higher then the ones I mentioned. So, DON'T GO or else you would regret gao gao!!

Done with the complaining, well~ it's still a pleasant night with lotsa laughters and gossiping! haha... Angel, I learned new joke from you that nite

and.... Something I shall never missed especially after getting lit-N is___________!!!!!  Subject of the day is US the huge xmas tree!!

 So much contrast!! I mean the colors... hoho

 Notice the pattern here? Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti~~ Saddd... Im re.... Debra you are tall enough already, no need wear heels liao...*envy your 42inches long legs!*

With Angel~~~!!!!! (I hate my fringe... Gonna do smth about it soon!! T.T )
 And here... The colors!! The Reds- The Blues- The Blacks!!
Thanks Deborah for helping us to take this pic ya!!!!!~~ 
Merryyyyyyy merrry xmas people!!!~
BBQ im comin!!

20 December 2010

051210 日月星辉 之 休息室画面


说的也夸张了点hoh? 说到底,就是功夫没到家然后自信减半!




不容有任何差错~ 蔡老师也跟着一起投入


她们的指甲好长好长哦!戴上了就不能做任何东西了哦。。不能按电话,挖鼻子 ,补妆!嘻嘻















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