12 January 2011

120111 Grad Trip to Hong Kong Pre-planning 01

I will be invading going to Hong Kong with my USM friends for my graduation trip this year!!! Guess what, I've always wanted to visit Hong Kong as influenced by HK series and also Amanzing raceeeee~~ And lucky us can get the cheap AA fare from PG-HK two way just for RM241 man!!!! 

teeheehee... of course, big planning for the trip have to be done in advance! And so, I read some forums and manage to have a very first draft of our trip schedule and budget planning! woohoohoo... But hor, this is actually my very first time planning for an oversea trip, although many things can be planned earlier but I'm always prepared for sudden-pop-up-situation when we reach there geh!

LOL, my frens who are joining this trip, please don't get shocked by my super early planning ya, actually it's not early dy... I think for hotel wise, we need to do early bookings!

And, I wanted to get a HK travel guide from bookstore but I could hardly find HK ones!!! This is what I manage to find which I hesitated in buying it.

 This is the my ideal one, I went and look for it in Popular BookstoreSSS in Penang but failed! hmm... Will try to borrow from Horsey to have a look during CNY and ask xiangru's opinion too heehe~~ If possible I hope I can get one copy for myself to bring to HK and keep as collection.

lalaa.. I guess tad's all for a boring nite~! Doing trip research makes me over-excited!! I can imagine I am actually in HK now!!~~ ahaha...*sakai*

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Horseyma said...

you should have go to Kinokuniya, KLCC when you went for movie and shopping last week.

they having a lot of travel guide in different presentation. You really don't know which to choose if you have budget. Trust me,every book has her useful information and that's why I ended up buying 2 for HK and Taiwan.

Anyway, I can lend mine to you.

p/s: I have HK, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, New Zealand travel guide. If I am in KL now, my collection definitely increasing. It's damn difficult to get such type of book here in Miao Miao.

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