11 January 2011

If I were the Green Hornet

If I were a Green Hornet (hornette)
Green Hornet
*Beware of eryn's wildest imaginationi!!!*
Faster make your 27th Jan 2011 a free day to watch "The Green Hornet" movie in your nearest GSC Cinema ya, for now.. enjoy eryn's version of "If I were The Green Hornet"!!

On the very first day of 2011, I was stung by a hornet flying out of no where! FYI, it’s GREEN in colour!! I fainted and had a weird dream after that. 

The minute I woke up I saw myself turning greeeeen, with two antennas on my head, a sting at my butt and a pair of wings behind me!! 
And what is even worst is: there are two other weird looking creature look almost same like me standing beside me!!
Oh okayyyy, now I need to save the world huh?! Well, it’so-damn-cool-lo!! Now I'm like one of the superheros ehhh!

Beep beep…beep..beeeeep!!!”  my antenna sense there is a crime happening!! At the speed of a nuclear bomb, I rushed to the crime scene and there……..

My super sonic antenna can detect crime.

My speedy wings fly at the speed of light and could create tornado to vanquish the bad guys.
My boxing hands have the biggest strength that is mightier than incredible hulk

My sexy eyes can compelled the bad guys and persuade them to surrender in peace

My most powerful secret weapon is-----> toxic gas when my pet(Green hornet-dog) fart.
and...errr.... last but not least la...I will call 999 if my partner and I can't handle it! LOL

After defeating numerous serious crimes that bad man and superman couldn’t handle with last time, I was call upon for a meeting with the Royal Queen of Green Hornet for complimentary awards.
“Now you are free to go back to where you come from, but remember, we will always summon you using this secret device call Sony Walkman when needed! p/s: Wear it when you are asleep too!!” said the Queen.

“Yes your highness!” me crying in tears of joy, can I forever be a Green Hornet ar?!

Hey, I know I am cool for being the first and only female hornet (hornette) but don’t forget about my other two partners leh!! Faster catch the show “The Green Hornet” by my other two partners in cinema on 27 Jan 2011! You won’t wana miss it, trust me!!!

Ahemm… FYI, the special device (Sony Walkman) in on the way delivering to me, can’t wait for the next mission!!

Haha… a little bonus for you all lar~ I know you all are as excited like me!! Faster write a post on “If I were a Green Hornet” to win yourself 2 passes to the premiere screening of the show and a chance to win yourself a sony walkman!!

Special thanks to Sony Pictures Entertainment Malaysia for bringing us, the bloggers a chance to watch The Green Hornet 3days before the actual release in Malaysia which falls on 27th January 2011!! Nuffnang, I love you more and more you know?? xoxo... hehe

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