10 January 2011

Season of the witch Premiere Screening + KL shopping trip

yooo baybee boys and girls people! I'm back in blogosphere AGAIN!! Have been MIA(missing-in-action) for a few days because I escaped to kay-ell~~ Main purpose is for Season of the witch's premiere screening of course and to do some CNY shopping!! 

After 5 hours of tiring and sit-till-my-butt-flat bus trip down KL, met Iz then we headed off to Ikea for dinner! I love Ikea's chicken wing while many are crazy for their meatballs!! haha...
 Here.. the portion for the 2 of us! err.. and there is another taste-only-so-so spaghetti we ordered to filled up our tummy! And guess what? I saw 2 gals taking pictures of their food using their slr before eating----> this imply 2 things: 1) More and more slr users today 2) They are bloggers! hehee..(err.. I belong to that group as well and I always thought it's weird to do that, now they make me feel normal!) 
 We reached there as I planned, zhun zhun!
 I always feel like being in another country like Singapore or some big cities like Hongkong when walking pass this street! I feel like a tourist!
 err.. I always HATED to shot from low angle like this, because it makes my face looked rounder!! hehe.. But nvm, Iz look good here! Here we are, few steps away from meeting the N u f f i e s  for my very first time weiii!!!

At first, we saw a sign board with words in BOLD saying the Premiere screening of Season of the witch has moved to Sunway at a different date and both of us were like : OMGEEEEEEE with our eyes almost popping out(we came all the way here key? haha)!! Then, calmly we told ourselves that Nuffnang is a high-efficiency company that won't do tis kinda last minute changing and we saw a booth with so many people at the other corner. We walked closer with our lil hope then approach them---->and they are the real N U F F I E S no kiddin' man!!

heeheheee...Sorry for my misbehave and cannot pose properly when receiving my movie tickets and the Hard Rock hotel voucher ya!! ahazz..This is the only shot of me with the handsome and pretty nuffies!
 hahaaa... when I am too excited and laughed uncontrollably, my gums will accidentally been exposed! *soreeeee.. hehe can't help it!* My sis said it's my icon to laugh tad way~
Here, I was overjoyed upon receiving the grand prize!
 My tickets!! Oh yaa.. forgot to mention wei~ I met four feet nine that nite too!!!! She was just beside me when buying pop corn and I don't dare to approach her to snap a pic..... *camera shy me!* and my sis say me noob! T.T I swear if next time I meet her again, I would!!
 Seriously I'm falling in love with Cathay cineplex, e@curve's couch. It's so comfy that I wished I could stick my butt longer at the couch after the show ended. hahaa.. If you favour  for action movie, a fan or Nicholas Cage, abit of thriller and adventure, go watch SEASON OF THE WITCH!!

And so, done with the premiere screening, it's shopppping time!! My sis joined me and that would be her very first time travelling along down KL from Penang!

Posting this pic up because we think that this is the oni pic that I looked more like her elder sister. (All this while, she looks like big sister in our photo! hehe) 
 Went to the everytime-must-go shopping malls and the numbers of the big crowd are like crazeeee I tell you!!! Shopping is like fighting in war zone and you could get knocked down anytime!! =.= got money oso can't buy ar sometimes! And.. I went to Uniqlo... aisi, I forgot I got RM20 voucher from them while playing a game lastime ki, wasted jor~
 Fall in love with Cotton on! When will they open another outlet in Penang huh? My sis was carving for this before she came and here Iz found it!! Snowflakes!! Hers looks more yummy than mine lo... forgot the name, RM6.90 this one!
 Iz+mine~ RM5.90 i think~ Adding the creamer..
 Pictures of shopping are not available as we were too focus in it! Headed off for sushi after the "shopping-war", LOL~
 Kuching-ians, compare this with Boulavard's shushi king, it's always full and never out of sushissss! Awww... i missed golden ball already~
 lalaaa.....Iz is acting cool here~ *he camera shy oso! LOL*
And there is another surprise finding for me when me and my sis shopped at Sg. Wang!!!! We met four feet nine again with cheeserland weiiiii.... wth?? Is KL really that small? hahaa...

jeng jeng jeng jeng~~And we found our sherbet dy!!!!! Look at how excited I was!!~
 Well, time flies like the speed of light(how many times do I have to repeat this? LOL) super uber fast! It's time to say buay-buay KL and back to my uni life~

I swear I would never take Trans_ational bus again!!!! Because of that silly bus, I departed from KL at 9am and reach my room at 4pm, it's freakin' 7 hours man!!~~ What  a day for me, I took almost all the transport in that 7 hours except for airplane and rocket nia!

Well, a good experience oso lar~ I get to take the Penang ferry with my sis for the very first time of our life! okayyy, call me sakai or wadever u like... I would wanna try it again next time! FYI, it's RM1.20 and you go to the 'ticket' counter is to change your money to coins in order to 'tong'(insert) into the machine to cross over.
 Model of the day, my sis!! Love this shot altho she look more pretty than me here!!! hehee...

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