24 March 2012

Just wanna share smth 'truthful' from tweeter! Seeing what's happening arnd me wic really irritates me, I've made a few conclusions.

"If u knw sm1 is alrdy taken, pls respect their relationship. Don't b the reason they end up single."
"Slut need to learn how to control their whoremones."

Now, u get the scenario or not? I've alwys annoyed by such DRAMAs n seriously feel like puking on anyone who's the sl*t in the case. Sincerely, you don't hv to be so cheap to get love, by ruining others relationship!?  What's ur freakin' prob? 

This again makes me think that gal-boy relationship back in our grandparents time are much more noble and greater than today's, don't ya thk so? Without mobile phones, sms, whatsapp, fb, airplanes and all the other high-tech dingdingdongdong, just two hearts with a STRONG BLIV that they are THE ONE AND ONLY for each other, tad's how beauty is their love. Does this kinda relationship still exist now? 

Not to say whose fault is it, but single hand can't make a clap. 

Dear boys, don't make her your number one, make her your only one.

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