01 January 2011

311210 Welcoming 2011 in room steamboting with dearies

LOL! This would be the very first time ever in my campus life of cooking inside the room??! Yeappppp, a random suggestion to celebrate New Year by me, a simple ones! We've tried countdown-ing at Queesbay and met Bosco in our first year, second year I went to camp and third year, in the room! hahaa...
 Went to Tesco extra for last minute shopping and ningning is missing~ T.T we hope you were here that nite with us becoz we have leftover for 1portion ! haha

My noob Cinderella sis was too happy to see a rice cooker because she loves cooking!!! That's kela's, she has toaster too!! I shall plan for more masak-masak session at ningning's place this sem~~
 And here are the pictures of the food for 3!! hohoooho....
 Camwhoring while waiting for the soup to boil~

Finally, it's done!! Makan time~~~ We were eating and watching "TOURIST" on my Funshion. It wasn't like what I expected it to be, conclusion is: Not worth watching in cinema! We should watch Rapunzel that night la, a better choice! hehe
 Jeng jeng, see how much is the portion?!!
 Makan makan.... Siapa cepat, dia dapat!~

 S i m p l e  I would say, but fulfilling and rewarding!
I guess to be simple, to be contented, to work harder and to gain wisdom is my resolution for 2011 :)

010111 First Day of 2011

This afternoon we went to Queensbay and guess what, "Everyday is NO Plastic Bag Day" has started in Penang, meaning we have to start bringing our own recycle bag or used plastic bag for shopping! I think this is a great way of starting a new habit especially in the very first day of 2011. You know what I saw just now while waiting for my sis at Guardian? I saw a family bringing backpack that filled with used plastic bag, and after paying their bills, they put their goods inside the plastic bag they brought. See, this habit is slowly been practice by everyone!!

So, always bring your own recycle bag when you go shopping for a greener 2011.
*If you wan things to change, YOU have to change!* <---ahahahaz... copy from my sis's motto!

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