02 January 2011

241210 a n g e l's twentieTWO birthdaeee @ her house and Elephant!

Sorry people (especially Angel), this is a super-belated post due to the busy packing-and-unpacking-cleaning marathon before and when I get back to Uni... hehe.. there we go, it is Miss Angeline Ong's birthdaeeeee on the 24th Dec!! She is turning 22 when I'm going to be 23 in less than a month time! 

Here, this is for you angel~~! xoxo!!!

When the clock strikes 12 on the 24th Dec 2010....
With a tiny-mini cheese cake, 4 postwomen stalked angel's house...jeng jeng jeng!! Our surprise visit consider 99.99% succeed with Ben's co-orperation la hoh, gel? ta-daaaaaaaaa!!!   

We forced her to do the "la-la" peace sign pose to show that she is officially 22 now!!! 

And people, if you know the human in the pictures above, you would know that there is one of us don't take cheese, milk and butter. And you know what? She is eating cheese cake on Angel's big-22 dayyyyy!!!! *clap clap for her!!* And she became hyperactive&super happy after eating the tiny bite of cheese cake spoon fed by angel!
Here comes little sarah joining the mini surprise partayyyy!!

 h a p p y  22  b i r t h d a e  
to you ANGEL!!!

Part 2 of the birthdae celebration, we had it at Elephant at Ang Cheng Ho area. Dress code of the day was Angel's typical outfit : Polo-T and jeans!!! (ngek ngek ngek.. spot who didn't follow the dress code!) 
I only went to Elephant once before this and I think they are famous for their fish if I'm not mistaken. We ordered FISHES and spaghettis, the overall atmosphere of that place was pleasantly-nice just that all of us think that out food were abit salty that day. But still, it fulfilled my tummy's need, thankiukkkk angel!!~ Done with the eating, here comes the main agenda of the day! When we were chit-chatting and gossiping half way, here comes the "Happy birthday" song with angel's cake!  

Well, how can we missed the birthday-MUST-DO on angel's birthday??? haha... Angel, have you found the main culprit who was behind pushing you? I should say, IN FRONT OF YOU!!!! haha... it was ME!!!Assisted by kela... that's why you didn't see any pictures of you being pushed into the cake!!! hahahaha..... *soooorreeee! Please don't do that to me on my 23 ya!! *

Here, after all the HARD work, here comes you reward!! *faster-wear-it-let-us-see!*

Last but not least.....................
the 22-year-old ear-piercing ceremony!!!!! 
I did mine last year and was only accompany by my sis at Beadszone Penang. 
This year, angel did hers and there were like 7 of us go with her, 2 with cameras that snap the whole process non-stop and I think some of the passer-by thought who is that movie star that came to Parkson Kuching for ear-piercing!!
ya.... After 22 years, her ears finally get pierced and welcome to the world of ear ringsssss!!! 

Angel, thanks for being such a great friend all the time!!! I couldn't imagine how would my form 6 life be like without youuuuuu!! Although we are parted from each other when we get into our Uni, the bonding between us is still going strong! You are always so helpful and my graduation trip wouldn't be a success without your BIG-BIG help!!!~ I wanna give you a BIG BIG HUGGGGGG angel, happy 22 birthdayyyyy to youuuu!! 

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