28 December 2010

OMGEEE!! Season of the witch - I won!!!!!! ;D

Omgeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I have been repeating "OMGEEE" for more than 100 times now???!! I just found out that my blog post on "Season of the Witch"  have been chosen as the most creative write up for Nuffnang mini contest!!! 

I was too excited and NOT-ABLE-TO-THINK&PLAN-PROPERLY now!! What am I gonna do next??? Lotsa plannings to be done!!! Woooohooo... Free vacation for meeeeee!!! Some more it's King Club access man!! *happy-die-me*

hahahaa.... I guess my blog post do cast a spell on all the readers eh, that's why I won myself 2 tickets to watch "Season of the Witch" premiere and also 3D/2N stay at Hard Rock Hotel Penang!!!!!! Okay... I know I might sound abit sakai (means stupid in hakka) now...but hey, this is the first ever FREE STAY AT SUCH SUPERIOR hotel I won using my own effort!!!! FYI, it would be my very first ever movie premiere screening too!!! Thanks to Nuffnang, Cathay Cineplex and of course Hard Rock Hotel Penang!!!!

hehee.. For now, please bare with the edited photo of mine in the Hard Rock Hotel Penang. I would definitely snap whole lotsaaaa pictures when I get there in person!!!! lalalaaa..... This would be my advance New Year gift huh???? 

Stay tune for SEASON OF THE WITCH people!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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