24 December 2010

The Season of the Witch is Here!!!

The Season of the Witch is Here!!! I'm so excited over it freakin' out!
Season of the witch

HEY, when I was small and it was Halloween, my English tuition teacher asked me to draw myself in a Halloween costume, and guess what, I drew a witch but not some pretty princess or cutie bunny that time!???

Can you believe it? *laugh-die-me haahaaa!* And the reason is simply because I think it’s cool to fly on a broom!! LOL…FYI, err… Back in 10 years time, there weren’t any Harry Potter, and yeapp I ever wished to be a witch just wanted to fly on a broom and also influenced by American series Sabrina the teenage witch and also Charmed! And now, Season of the Witch is coming out pretty soon so I guess I can get a better idea about witches by then!! 

NOW, what happens if there is a real witch (wicked ones, not the sweet sweet lovely ones!!) appears in real life, in my life??? NO WAY!!!! Not that I am too chicken to face with a real witch, I just couldn’t get rid of my fear!

How scary would a witch be??? Adui.... 6th Jan 2011 faster go watch SEASON OF THE WITCH to find out yourself baaah!!! hehe...Well, I can share abit here and there about my witch-phobia with you first! 

You see, witches cast spells! I wouldn’t want to be turned into a frog or any other disgusting animals! I am scared of witches because I hate frogs and don't want to be turned into one!!!!

And, I love apples, the fruit not the phone! LOL. Witches are the worst chef ever and I'm so scared of their poisonous apple!!! I wouldn’t want to be poisoned by witch’s poisonous apple!

Err…. Although I love sleeping but I don’t want the witch to put me into long sleep, where should I get a prince to kiss me so I will wake up miraculously? It would be my longest and worst nightmare if the witch I scared most did this to me!!! (Wake me up when 6th Jan reaches if the witch did this to me!!! I wana watch Season of the Witch!!!)

Oh well, if a girl tell you she doesn’t care about her beauty, she is definitely lying to you!!! I don’t want the typical old-wrinkled-pimpled witch to take away my beauty and turn me into a witch like her!!

I fear you not, WITCH!!! I don't wana end up like Rapunzel too! OMGeeee!!!! Some wicked witch might want to prison me up on a tower so she could stay young forever for my magic hair!!?

And, I’m too scared of witches because I’m worried they might suck my blood!!! Err… Too much vampire movies?? but hey, witches might be mutated over times and become favor for blood right?

Besides, witches favour for eyeballs, tongue, fingers, hair!!!!! What if they spotted me??? I don't want my fingers and tongue to be chop off by witches!! Yucks!!! This one is the yuckiest horror of all!!!

The scariest part is: Witches have wicked eyes, pimpled face, crooked nose, nasty smiles and scary fingers!!!!!!!
If I happened to meet one in real life, I would quickly run my life and get myself protected from the wicked at the Hard Rock Hotel in Penang! Please!!!! If you still couldn’t imagine how much disasters a witch could caused, faster mark the date on your calendar for SEASON OF THE WITCH!! It's on 6th Jan 2011!!!

Gosh.... Nicholas Cage from Season of the witch is coming for my rescue!!!!!!

Do you have a story to tell?? Nahh... not your love story!!! 
Share with us what scares you the most about witches by writing a blog post titled, “The Season of the Witch is Here” and you might be the lucky ones to watch Season of the Witch 1 day before its release in Malaysia courtesy of Nusantara Edaran Filem!!

Or... you story might just win you a 3D/2N stay at Hard Rock Hotel Penang Studio Suite with Kings Club Access !!!! More info at Nuffnang Malaysia yo....!!!


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