21 December 2010

201012 When we meet up!

Notice the lady-in-blue!! If you found her in my previous post, you would see a change in her HAIR!!! It turned purple-reddish and SHORTER!!! Well.. I couldn't recognize her when she showed up with ning!! haha... but THIS SUITS HER!!!

lalaa.... Catching up with angel for the first time after she came back from KL and we ended up at The Spring because of the heavy rain! We could have gone to The Junk? Good Times(recommended by ning!)? or anywhere but definitely not here, if not because of the basement carpark that could save us from getting wet!

haha...I know I sibeh gao complain one! I guess I'm a little bit over-trained on "critical thinking"??? lalaa..~

Notice there is a difference in our dress code? LOL! Someone is attending a late nite party after this!

We settled down in KIM BAY!!! hahahaa.. Be prepared for BULLETS ya... Read at your own risk! And this would be my LAST VISIT to Kim Bay!

There were 7 of us which were dining in but at a glance, all the tables are for the company of 4. So, we wanted to ask for the waitress whether we could join the table and ask for their help to do it or not, guess what? Our distance with the waitress are only 5cm away and I think our voice are loud enough for her to listen, and it is in bilingual - Mandarin and BM! =.= THEY just ignored us and walked away. (Why didn't we just walked away and go to another restaurant hoh that time??)

About the food... Not much choices I would say and it is abit TOO out of our expectation! Don't get cheated by the pictures!! Ningning is the most pity one, with her burger that comes with mayonnaise!! (P/s. Ningning don't take Dairy Products like milk, butter, cheese and mayonnaise!)  

 This is what Angel ordered, what-what Alfredo. According to her, it's not bad.
 Here, ningning's chicken chop burger.... Notice the amount of the mayonnaise?
 And, this is mine Iz's. =.= feel so regretted after ordering this!! Should have just ordered Alfredo. When I look back at this picture, I feel like puking.... uekkkkk!! Don't ever order this!! What-what twin sauce rice. Luckily Iz helped me to finished it, if not.... 15bucks wasted!
My rating for the service would be -10/10! The food 1/10. Well, if you favour Hong Kong cuisine like Kim Gary's or Causeway Bay's, DON'T COME HERE because they would let you DOWN!! Not to mention their price are higher then the ones I mentioned. So, DON'T GO or else you would regret gao gao!!

Done with the complaining, well~ it's still a pleasant night with lotsa laughters and gossiping! haha... Angel, I learned new joke from you that nite

and.... Something I shall never missed especially after getting lit-N is___________!!!!!  Subject of the day is US the huge xmas tree!!

 So much contrast!! I mean the colors... hoho

 Notice the pattern here? Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti~~ Saddd... Im re.... Debra you are tall enough already, no need wear heels liao...*envy your 42inches long legs!*

With Angel~~~!!!!! (I hate my fringe... Gonna do smth about it soon!! T.T )
 And here... The colors!! The Reds- The Blues- The Blacks!!
Thanks Deborah for helping us to take this pic ya!!!!!~~ 
Merryyyyyyy merrry xmas people!!!~
BBQ im comin!!

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