30 December 2010


Eryn's status: BACK IN PENANG (turning on back-to-uni MODE)

First, settled down in my small-but-lovely room back in Damai (not the Damai resort in Kuching..hehe) with my sista. (Lucky to have her as my roomie huh?so that can lessen my homesick!) Pity me was having eye and nose allergy to Penang's weather or air and my sis just had to bare with the quite-polluted air and water of Penang that cause her skin allergy!!

Whoopps.. I accidentally skip Monday's minor class*pls forgive meee*! On wednesday, I was one of the earliest to  get to class and meet my "beloved" lecturers and coursemates for my major course! GREAT NEWS is: Our timetable has a minor change which gimme 4days of freedom in a week! hehe... but it will be occupied with meetings and fyp~

And one little not-so-good-news for me. My almost-3-years-old LAPPY is sick!! T.T  The technician from Pusat Komputer USM told me that the only solution for me is to REFORMAT my lappyyyyy! Ok, FINE! I know I have to deal with it sooner or later, but not this soon!! With the step-by-step instruction by my sifu back in Kuching, Mr. Z, I manage to reformat my own lappy for THE VERY FIRST ATTEMPT successfully!!!! *faster gimme a big round applause!! haha....*

Then, I manage to install Microsoft office 2007 by myself but failed for the Adobe softwares--MY MOST IMPORTANT TOOLs to join contest!!(my secret weapon ler!!!) =.=

I have no choice but to go to the Pusat Komputer USM again and luckily the technician helped me to check out what's wrong with my installer disc. Rupa-rupanya, the problem is with the disc!!!! Can you imagine it says it need 1 DAY to complete the COPY process of just some 3.59GB data from a DVD to my Desktop??? (with the speed of 1KB/sec...*fainted*) I went back to the shop and ask for a REFUND of course (although the tauke and tauke-nio like beh song me but I still manage to get back my 20bucks! Sorry and thankiuk ya tauke and tauke-nio!)

Tomorrow I'm gonna meet up with my other sifu, Mr. ATC to get the Adobe installer and help me install in my lappy!! Till then I shall keep this post as draft, and published it after I get all my pictures done!!

huhuu!! 2011 is here peopleeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
I am looking forward for next Wed!!!! woohooo....woo la lalala!!!

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