18 December 2010

181210 Jingle December!!!!~

Apparently, I left my last week in Kuching before going back to Penang! =.= Happy moments really passed so fast man!!! Way too fast!!

What have I been doing in this very last month of 2010??? 

First week, after few days enjoying being pampered at home, I accompany Iz in touring his friends who pay their visits to Kuching all the way from KL!! Believe me, it was a fattening tripppey!! 90% of the whole trip in Kuching are about food Food and FOOD!!! Topspot and Buntal for seafood, beach trip, heritage trip, we almost made it a full package if we could make a visit to the nature!!! And being the photographer of the whole trip, (ya… I got 3 male models for my amateur photography skills!)
 A MUST-TAKE photo when you visit Cat City I tell you!!!
 POSER!!! But I like itt!!! LOL... Guess who is he imitating??
Camera-shy!!! But he looks good in candid shots! Being sentimental after getting his "TATTOO" (Temporary ones for RM10 or was it RM15 at cultural village? I forgot! And they use batik ink to draw it!)
 Friendship park!!! Some special bonding here huh?

Second week, given another chance of practicing my skills during a function in the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching! Here are some shots behind the scene!!! Hahaa... spot most vain one!!! LOL!!

 I dunno how the old couples got in here or why... Maybe some of you can't see it but there is a pair of old couple sitting there and watching the rehearsal! love the lighting!
 In da toilet!!! Jojo buat apa?? haha
 Ah heng!!! 
 Err... Action-action oni!! LOL
 Jojo making ghost face to kill boredom!!! 
 Actual performance moment, taken by Ah heng! Catch snake-ing me!! haha
The end!!!! Hong > Heng > Jojo!!! and me!!!! Perfect combination!!

Celebrated ningning's belated birthdae at Sharing Planet! Later, spend the rest of the week in KBS for the camp! Well, it brings back a lot of memories and it keeps me questioning about documenting vs enjoying.

Shooting the performance using Qiang's 18-105! Kinda in love with this lens. Well, I think it's enough for my need and interest in street photography and point-n-shoot!
Some of the few photos of mine during the camp! Vincent, bon voyage!! Have a safe trip kay??

I love this pic too much!!! LOL.. Ignore the laolang opps..adult! 

Third week, spend my time organizing some stuff, attended our thankiuk-farewell-birthdae dinner, successfully sold my hp, watched Narnia, Rapunzel and Tron!
KBS Teens!!! 
Little pressie for Vincent who is migrating soon! 
 Special words were carved on the pen. For Vincent to remember us and all the memories! 

Now that I left one more week in Kuching, Im gonna fully used it wisely! Thinking of doing my packing in super advance so I don’t have to waste my time doing the last-minute packing in a hard feeling. Believe me, although this is the 19th or 20th time doing it, leaving home still gives me hard feelings, because there is no place better than home!!!

Lalaaa… xmas is here!!! Ding the dong, hope Santa hear receive my msg wishlist and gimme a great surprise by xmas like the previous good news!!! Woohoooooo!!

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