07 December 2010

061210 Ningning's 22 at Sharing Planet

First of all, let me shout out "HAPPY 22 BIRTHDAEEE TO NINGNING"!!! (Loud enough to reach Tabuan ma hoh? LOL) Belated birthday celebration for our ningning coz she celebrated with her family on the actual day at some te-ba-gang (or wad gang-gang-gang) seafood restaurant! And here we go, we went to Sharing Planet for a small but warmth celebration! The gals!!

She is officially 22 now and MORE LIKE A 22-MINDED with her "superman teh-koh" imagination! (LOL..hehe) I hope all her wishes come true <3

The gang of the nite! Many are missing, like ong ong!

And here.. how could we missed out the tradition? But this year, I didn't get to be the bad ones!! Ah Ting's first attempt!!! muahahaha!

Starting from form 1 until my last year of uni, we have know each other for 9 years!!!! ;') I wana dedicate 一个像夏天,一个像秋天to you, my dearest!!! 9 years and on going!!

It was a starry starry night! Posing in front of Sharing Planet!

Ning ning and her fish and chips!!!! The portion is too huge for her!! Now I won't step foot in Westwood liao, since I can have super nice western cuisine and reasonable price at such relaxing ambiance!

And some recommendations of the night! This is Double Cheeserland!!! Strongly recommend it to all cheese mania like meeeee!!!! And the portion is HUGE, it comes with 2 big pieces of Cheeeesy chicken chop and I only manage to finish one! Only RM14.90!!! 

Kela ordered this too!!! I love this shotttt! Will persuade her faster put this as her Profile pic liao!

Cicak's Grilled dory fish with Butter and garlic~ It's as big as chichieh's face, or bigger? RM13.90 only!! Big portion too!!! 

Main Character of the nite!!!! Lotsa huggggs and kisses for you =)

This is Sharing Planet's entrance! Chichieh didn't know!!
Here, i am in now!! 

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