08 December 2010

261110 K-session after all those packings and exams

Don't get cheated by the picture kay? This lady in the above picture super anti-sing k and rejected my invitations far too many times! And there she goes, first time k-session she already fall in love with it! LOL
Well, my fren once said k-session is good for couple dating, to me, dating with my sis at K Room wasn't a bad idea too! We can sing like mad lady or singing at wrong key or pitch without worrying anyone would laugh at us! wth??? hahaaaa.... errr... we are shyyyyyy, but not with each other!!!

And, me with the peace-sign which Angel and kela thinks it's a lala sign?! Noooo!!! It's Jacky chan's typical pose!

With zero experience taking photos in a room with so limited light, these are some of the can-see photos I have chosen! Err... Not much pictures taken too as our main intention is to SING SING and SING!!!
Can you see me?

Closer look!

Well, seriously 3 hours is NOT ENOUGH for us!!! So many songs were selected but too little time!

Yup, Neway in Queensbay Penang. Err.... NOT SO RECOMMENDED and we feel like being cheated with the so-called student promo RM8++. We paid RM28++ at the end of the session. Now, you do the math! Divide by 2 means RM14 per person. In Kuching, even we got the ++ behind the promo, it wouldn't be like +RM6 that much okayyy? haha.. Nvm, just for your information only.

Lalaaaa... Looking forward for next K-session, in Kuching. Enter-K got promo of RM9.90 per person with a drink and 4hours singing from 11am-3pm if we go in a group of 6! 

tata for now! Haven't had my own time eversince I came back and only until now I had a little bit of extra time to do so! First week of holidays gone, second week is occupied as well.. Gonna spend my last 2 weeks wisely!

Merrrrrrrrrrry December everyone!

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