04 December 2010

Princess Cheesie won the contest!!!!!!!!!

Do you have any idea what makes me jump so high up??? Not only it makes me jumped so high but my mood is high and excited as well!!!

The moment I knew about it, my heart was beating at extremely fast speed that it might pop out from my chest man!!!!
Do you see what I see?????? I won this contest and I am 2k richer now, thanks to Pizza Hut and Nuffnang!!
About a month ago during my study week, I saw this contest and give myself a try to win it!!
How can a CHEESE MANIA like me missed Pizza Hut's latest cheesiness and a chance to win myself some cash?? My sis and I went to Penang Sg. Dua's Pizza Hut and ordered the Cheesy 6 Pizza with Hawaiian topping! After fulfilling my tastebuds and lotsa camwhoring, I took my time to edit the pictures, think of a creative story line and this is what I produced: Pizza Hut's Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza Contest Post!

I didn't know I win until I saw someone left a comment at my pizza post and double confirm it in my email and NuffNang's blog!! Ohhhhmyygawddd!! *nearly fainted!!*

See... Princess Cheesie is now the Winer of Pizza Hut Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza Contest and she gets all the cheese in town now!!! 

Hey hey hey...What's next? Of course more cheese for me and trying to participate in more and more contest organize by Nuffnang!!!

Omgeeee omgeeee omgeee!!!! Sorry but I couldn't help saying O M G because I get 2 GREAT news in 4days time??? And I get to know about these 2 contests through Nuffnang!! *fainted*
How can I not love Nuffnang, you tell me!!!

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