06 November 2010

Pizza Hut's Extreme Cheesy 6 pizza Save Princess Cheesie!!!

Once upon a time  In this cheeszyness era of year 2010, there lived a princess called PRINCESS CHEESIE CHOO in a far far away land Cheese-cheese island. She loved cheese so much that she asked for a CHEESY TIARA from the king! 

Tadaaaaaa!! Introducing the royal PRINCESS CHEESIE CHOO  to all of you! 
Your highness have a tattoo "I LOVE CHEESE" on her right arm o!
And she secretly pak-toh (dating) with a CHEESY MAN so that she can bite kiss him when she carves for cheese!! =.= With the power of cheese love, they lived happily together!

Everyone loves Princess Cheesie and therefore her step mother who is the evil witch gets so jealous of her! Something bad, REAL BAD is going to happen!
Knowing the fact that the princess loves cheese so much, the evil witch secretly cast a spell during Halloween on Princess Cheesie's boyfriend, Cheesy Man! 
When the princess bite on Cheesy Man, she would turn into a frog mouse!!!

Tam-chiak (Food-lover) Princess Cheesie know nothing about it and one day when she was dating Cheesy Man, she had a bite of Cheesy Man! OMGEEEE!!! Horrible things happen and it freaks everyone out!!! (View at your own risk. hahaaa!)

Princess Cheessie turned into a MOUSE!!!!!!!(Why she still so happy with her PEACE sign? Noob. hahaaa!) 
Now everyone anti her and boycott her. She no longer gets all the attention and love in the far far away land. (Haih, cry also no use!!! Who ask you so tam-chiak??) 

Nobody ever see Princess Cheesie during the day time because she is a mouse! When the sun sets, Princess Chessie gets to be in the human form but.....everyone would call her as monster! 
The evil witch set traps to trick Princess Cheesie. She wanted to torture her with her most favourite cheese!

Well, Princess Cheesie is like Jerry in the TOM AND JERRY cartoon and successfully escape with her favourite cheese all the time! (She wears helmet lo, don't play play ar!)

One day, when Princess Cheesie is stealing cheese from the royal kitchen, she saw a flying creature! 
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's SUPERMAN  Cheese fairy godmother!!!!

"Princess Cheessie, in order to save yourself, you have to leave this island and look for the secret in this secret scroll! And you have to remember the number SIX 6!!!" said Cheese fairy godmother.

Slurpsssssss!!! True or not? 
"Wah, Cheessy fairy godmother really good to me lo! All that are the BEST cheese in the whole world!!  OH yeahhhhhh, I can become princess again, VERY VERY SOON!!!"

So there she goes, following her instinct that leads her to this place called PIZZA HUT!!! 
"Something cheessy, super cheessy is inside! I can smell it, I knew it!!"

There she went in Pizza Hut in her human form, and the waitress still treat her nicely and introduce her the latest menu of Pizza Hut!!!
"Deng deng deng deng!~ Wait a minute! EXTREME CHEESY 6 PIZZA?!!!"
Izzit the one with Cheddar, Mozzarella, Permesan, Provolone, Monterey Jack and Romano????
All in one pizza meh? True or not?? Don't cheat me oh! I know I look weird but I was a princess eh!

SIX!!! All the 6 types of cheese are here!! Cheddar, Mozzarella, Permesan, Provolone, Monterey Jack and Romano!!! It must be the Cheese fairy godmother! Finally I found it at Pizza Hut!!!
Hey hey hey, I can add in toppings also eh! RM2 only for the add-on and I can choose from CHEESY HAWAIIAN~CHEESY PEPPERONI or CHEESY CHICKEN!! All CHEESE!!

 "Awwwww, I miss my Cheesy man now! "

After becoming a mouse so long, Princess Cheesie becomes even more tam-chiak! Before the main dish is served, she is enjoying the garlic bread with the creamy mushroom soup!  

Oiii!! Still not enough ar? Here, she goes again enjoying her Deli Chicken Wing while waiting patiently for her true love-Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza.

And finally the long awaited EXTREME CHESSY 6 pizza is served!!! yyyyyaaaaayy!!
Peep what peep o?? 
Ohhhhh, she just wanna double confirm it's the right pizza she is ordering, the Extreme Chesse 6 pizza with her favourite Cheesy hawaiian topping!

Jeng jeng jeng jeng, I am going to eat you!!!!

Something's fishy here.....I can smell it. Princess Cheesie is falling in love with Extreme Cheesy 6 ar? What about Cheesy Man?

She is madly in love with it now!!!! How??? Someone faster stop her liao!!


"Nothing can stop me from getting you now! Extreme Cheesy 6, you are ALL MINE!!!"

"Here I comeeeeee, babe~~~!"



"Here I come, I am....GOING TO BITE YOUUUUUUUUU!!"

*blinkkk blink blink* MIRACULOUS AND MAGICAL MOMENT IS HERE!!! Notice the cheesziness or not? Now you notice her cheeks again, the whiskers are gone!!!! It works!!! It really works!! 

"OHhhhhh, my LOVE~~~~ You saved me!!! Muacks!!"

Princess Cheesie found her true love- EXTREME CHEESY 6 PIZZA at Pizza Hut and they went back to the far far away land, lived happily ever after.

See what happen to the Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza??

Now you see it!!

"And, now you don't!!!! It's all inside my tummyyyyyyy!!!!" 

Hahaaaaa.... Oi, cheese loverss there!! What are you waiting for??? Faster go to your nearest Pizza Hut liao, well... if you are fast enough, you can see Princess Cheesie you know?? Hahaaha....fast!


*Dine-in combo*

Fully understanding our high demand of CHEESE, Pizza Hut have come out with THE EXTREME CHEESY 6 PIZZA for big fan of cheese out there like YOU AND ME!!! Perfect combination of Cheddar, Mozzarella, Permesan, Provolone, Monterey Jack and Romano would be the BEST PIZZA OF THE YEAR, specially brought to you by PIZZA HUT!!! The Cheesiness of it is driving me crazyyyy!!

*Take-away/ Delivery Combo*
We have take-away combo too!!! Can ta-pao it and enjoy a wonderful Saturday Movie Night at home!!!
Oh ya, before I go wild and mad because of cheese, you can win RM100,000 or iPads while you are enjoying Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza!!! Faster go to your nearest Pizza Hut, we don't have time to waste!!!

**Thanks to nuffnang and pizza hut**

I am so in love with 
Pizza Hut's Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza!! 

I’m crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!


shii teck said...

ur pizza post so cute!! U gonna grab rm2000 soon. good luck ^^


e r y n said...

haha... u really think so? LOL~ My first attempt!

Kancilbiru said...

wow u so creative...hopefully can win..all the best dear! :)

e r y n said...

kancilbiru: Thanks! Hopefully... *finger crossing* hehe...cheese cheese all the way!!

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

excellent post! all the best!


ms sz said...

congratulation! u won.

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