06 November 2010

051110 Lake of Hope@USM

I will pass by this scene at different time of a day whenever I walk out from USM to Sungai Dua. It's called Tasik Harapan.
Thanks to Little N (My baby), I manage to capture and treasure that moment and share with all here.
Mother nature is the best painter I would say!! 
It's not something any human can create, you see.
How the cloud form, the shape..
The colors of the sky, from pink to orange and to purple...
The trees are like their curtains with the lake as the carpet in this picture.

Nature loves and protect us,
but what have we done in return?

I am so glad that Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has declared starting from January 2011, Penang would fully ban the use of plastic bags. I feel GREEN when I am in Penang and I would feel shock and uneasy to see hawkers using plastic bags back in my hometown or when I go down to KL.

Well, we can make a different. 
Start by bringing containers when you want to tapao and bring along your own bag instead of using plastic bags. hahaa.... You know what? My sis and I always went shopping at the wrong time and we get caught in the condition where we have to carry our goods with bare hands! FYI, every Mon, Tues and Wed are Penang's "No Plastic Bag" day. 

I personally think that's a very good way to remind us of GOING GREEN! It really deliver results like what it did to me and my sis! LOL

Going GREEN is NOT JUST A SLOGAN peopleeee!!!

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