02 December 2010

Jingle all the bell!!~~~

December is approaching!!
It means jingle bell, snowy, santa is on their way!!
Not that I am celebrating Christmas but the reason is simply because I like the idea of thanksgiving, Santa and snow!

During childhood, I used to watched alot of Christmas Holiday Special movie for example 101 Dalmatians, Home alone series and alot more Xmas series cartoon! ;) Xmas is all about happinese and it's a celebration of blissful! 

I've always think of having a white christmas outside Malaysia and definitely I will do that one day! Well, right now, I think Singapore is among the country that have awesome Christmas deco with merry atmosphere, I would have been there this year's Christmas if I bought my air tix earlier on at super low fare!! (Aww.. This is why I'm in a love-and-hate relationship with AA!!)   

The day before I came back to homeyyy Kuching, my sis and I again exploring Penang. That would be a day full of surprises I would say!

And xmas deco was all out in Penang dy!!! Here, see it!! :D
This is the xmas deco of Penang!! I like it very much. Err.. that lady in green wasn't me ya! haha... See how the snowman attracts people! (I want to make a snowman badly!!!! from real snowwwey!!)

And here... me being blurred!!! (err.. taken by the you-know-who! The one i mentioned the most in eryntale! LOL)

This is the you-know-who! wakekekeke.....(Don't hit me when you c this ya! haha)

Little snoweyyy babe says: "sigh.... why issit not snowing in Penang?"

Here, this is Penang Times Square, and believe me it's not abit like the one in KL!! Be in Penang for almost 2 and half years, I never step foot in it until that day I was searching for Penang Tambun Biscuit and accidentally walked pass there!

The blink blink reindeer caught my attention!!! 

Can you bring me to santa if I ride on you??

I think that was the first day they put up the deco because the workers are still there adjusting the wire and bla bla bla...

Just ignore the man behind, I love this lighting the most! It's like real snow there!!!

yoyoyooo..... Merry christmas people!! What's ya Christmas plan this year?? err.... no turkey for me!

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