02 December 2010

Early Christmas Present By GSC-EON Bank-The Ultimate Movie Card

Before I knew it, December is already here!!
And on the very first day of December gave me a great of opening of this blissful month by receiving the very first ever grand price in my life..through a contest!!

I just won a Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 handphone by GSC-EON Bank Ultimate Movie Card "Capture&Win" contest!!!!

For more info you can visit the website: GSC-EON BANKCARD CONTEST

Omgeeeee, I still couldn't believe that I am the winner until Adrian's sis attend the prize giving ceremony and accept the grand prize for me on 1st December at KL (while I am already back in Kuching!!)!! BIG HUGE THANK YOU TO ADRIAN AND SIMIN =)

*Besides Adrian and Simin, I would wana specially express my ENORMOUS THANKS to my sis for helping me to send in my particulars in order I can claim my prizes!! So super touch for all these guuuud people that helped me!!! I was in 101% tension and kancheong-ness to seek help the day before the prize giving ceremony!*

FYI, I had a super long and bored study week way back in November and the part time job I got ffk(fong fei kei) me, I have so many things in my wish list and I think I gotta work it out on my own!!

Well, I start participating in contestSSS and some of my friends start calling me contest freak, ahahah.... not really as there are so many bloggers out there who are more geng than me!!! And ya, I joined this GSC-EON Bank Movie Card contest through the link by Nuffnang!!

3days before sitting for my first exam, in 2hours time, I edited this photo of mine to enter the "Capture&Win" contest!!

The caption: Reepicheep kidnap me as his new pet!!!! We are going to rock the world in the air balloon and he told me he is bringing me back to NARNIA~~ yayyyy!!!!

hehe... this is my winning photo! What do you think?? ya... I know I am lucky!! Man, this is the very first ever grand prize i get in my whole life through participating in a contest you know???? I am the November top winner out of 19 contestant I think?

So, join more contest people!!!! 

Oh ya, forgot to mention I got myself 4 GSC Narnia movie passes and a Sony Xperia X2 handphone overall from this contest I joined!!!
Another 2 movie passes is fron the "Share&Win" contest whereby I have to create a creative slogan in 15 words and share it at The Ultimate Movie Card and selected as the daily winner!! 

hehee... I think I just got myself an early Christmas present!!!!!! wooohooooooo =) 

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