31 October 2010

311010 HOPE of the seed

This is one of my Graphic Comm assignment, which is to design a brochure/pamphlet. We get to choose our own theme and materials as long as we do it on A4 size. 

hehe.. My chosen subject is to help 'Street children of Calcutta' through HOPE foundation. The content is for the purpose of this assignment only.

Let me explain, why 'Hope of seed. Seed of hope'? 

Actually this is Isaac's idea, I asked him to think of an easy and meaningful slogan for me. Hope of seed means wishes and simple hope of street children of Calcutta. At here, seed symbolizes children.

Seed of hope means, through the donations and help from us, the love we show towards the children planted the seed of hope to the children. 

haha, u get the idea or not?

Here it is, my simple brochure with the theme color or yellow and red. Yellow means sunshine, the hope is rising. And red means love. The combination or yellow and red create a strong contrast yet they blends perfectly with each other. Hope you like the way I compose the front cover. =)

HOPE of the seeds... Pass it on, will you? hehe.. I am emphasizing on the word HOPE. We can pass it on with our love.
hehe... i uses 相思豆, hope it can represent seeds. Ya, you can flip it open to have a look at the inner half-heart.

When there is HOPE, failure is NOT an option! If you noticed, the red seeds from the white surface have some kind of connection with the other inner page. This is to create a continuation leading the audience to flip in further.

Here, you can see it better. hehe~

Flip in again. Here we have the content (For the purpose of this assignment only, no applicable in reality). hehe. When seeds of love starts spreading, it could create a utopia to the children. The content is displayed on the whiteboard because these children wish to go to school like us. Tic Tac Toe shows the simple need of the children, they don't play computer games, but simple game like that.

I uses different font type to emphasize again on hope. If InDesign would allowed, my initial plan is to insert different language of the word HOPE. Means, without boundaries, the hope of the children can spread globally.

tadaaa... this is the back. The yellowish half circle shape means the hope is arising.

Hehe, a friend of mine commented it looks like a greeting card at his first sight. Well, I agree with him at some point because my greatest love is CARD MAKING actually. Just that when I left home to study in USM, I left my tool box back at home. I have a studio and trademark of my on back then.. hehe, memories!!!~ Hope those of you who came across this would love it and do drop me your precious comments ya. Thank youuuu n__n

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