01 November 2010

011110 Bed Bugs

Do you know how ladybird looks like?
ya.. spotty!
Today when I wake up, my shoulder, arm, leg, neck and my back got so many RED SPOTsss!
I freaked out because previously only one or two will appear randomly in my body but not as serious as this time! I knew the bed provided by my hostel had been passing down from GENERATIONS and so I thought it would be safe for me to sleep on it after applying a mattress comforter and brand new bed sheet!

Here, the overall look of my bed without mattress comforter and bed sheet, ready to be thrown away (I guess that's what my hostel management would do, unless they want to keep it for other resident?)

I am not going to tolerant with it anymore when my body is harmed and I don't want to get bitten up by 'INVISIBLE DUST MITES' from that yucky bed! Off to my hostel office and lodge a report about it.

Flip it over, it's even worst I tell you!

Here is a closer look for you, try and lay on it. I guarantee you can transform into a 'ladybird' in no time!
I get scoldings from my sis whenever she sees me scratching my body, until RED RED! Like bursting pimples! Ewww.... But I can't help it.
Luckily, this time the hostel management's performance didn't fail me. They are so efficient that the uncle deliver a brand new mattress to me within an hour after I went to the office. 
Now, I have a new mattress dy!!! yayyyyyy....   
In conjunction with this, I cleaned up my whole room, as precaution to avoid unwanted incident like this happen to me or my sis again! >.<

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