02 November 2010

021110 A Bug's Life

This is my first attempt!
First attempt of what? So big deal kah?
See for yourself ba.....

Wandering around campus during study week is one of the greatest thing to do! Well, that's what I thought after all these! If not, I would think that my Uni is the worst place to explore. It turns out to be the opposite of my first impression. haha~ So, USM-ian, love and appreciate our beautiful surrounding of USM ba~
Autumn in USM woi.... 

Can I be a tree? *hughug tree*

p/s: If you are insect/bug-phobia, I would suggest you not to scroll down for more pics... haha, all are micro shots of this bug call Assassin Bug (According to Steven.) Steven said it would release bad smell when it sense danger. hahaaa.. I guess it thinks that I am too weak to harm it with my cam so yea, it stay still for me to capture this shot.
I love the GREENESS of this pic!!!!!!! (Suddenly I siao tiok GREEN ki...hahaa!)

Can see the eyes?


Here... They just love to hang upside-down, don't they?

There is a big ant coming from behind.

Berries, anyone?

I love micro world, I want to go to 'A Bug's Life'!!! Can give me the magic potion so I can become tiny size like Alice in Alice In The Wonderland kah? 

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