31 October 2010

301010 Testing 1 2 3

Instead of 131110 which I planned on getting my babie, I got it earlier to kill my boredom during this dragging study week of mine. So, 291010 would be a memorable date for me now. And my sis said my babie is October baby..So lame... hahaha!!
And here, after 8 hours of charging, my babie is ready to action. 
Jeng jeng~ Guess who is this? It would be better if I could lower my angle to capture more of the walking path right?

I personally love the above pic the most!!! The color is so sharp and the composition is just right, the feel is there. 

Well, sometimes when the plan isn't going accordingly, the alternate route can surprises us too, right? I don't know why the Chinese stall of Tekun Cafe isn't operating today where I think it SHOULD. Because of that, we have to go for the not-so-healthy fast food. Lalaaa... skip the food part, see how she posed!! She said she is imitating her BF Mr. J. (haahahah!!) Luckily we sit at kak-kak corner there, nobody sees us camwhoring.

Take 2!

Take 3!

When it's raining and I have nothing better to shoot, my drying socks became my model too... hehe. 

p/s: It's raining season and it's no fun at all. Coz i can't go out and shooting, I guess I need to find some indoor fun for myself  >.<


Anonymous said...

helllo~~~hahhaah~so funny la u~~duh!!!!mayb we should snap more beautiful pic~practise make perfect ma~

e r y n said...

yaba~~~~ u will be my model...(can i change another one? haahahaha)

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