31 July 2010

I will think of F-O-O-D when  I am bored. To distract myself from going for the real food, I hypnotized myself using illustration. Now, I am going to share my latest MOST FAVOURITE FISH&CHIPS RESTAURANT to you! 

Hahaa... This is Keira, see she is so excited!!! Like meeee!!! 
When it comes to western cuisine, FISH AND CHIPS ranks NO.1 on my list! It's my ALL-TIME-FAVOURITE!! Coz it doesn't have bones like the other CHOPS, and I love it especially with tartar sauce!!

Well, after several disappointments by Westwood (used to be my MOST FAVOURITE) because they change the chef! Luckily Keira found a new one in Penang and gain back my love for FISH AND CHIPS!!!

I would rate 4/5 for the food and pricing!! Overall environment is cozy and it's ideal for friend's gathering!
hehe.. without wasting any more saliva... Let me show you the food we ordered! 

Jeng jeng jeng!!!!! My Blue Reef's Beer Batter Fish n' Chips !!!
Heehe.. forgive me for the badly taken photo but as you can c the portion is big, and it even covered up the homemade fries which taste so deliciously guud!!! The fish fillet is so soft and juicy. Awww... I still could recall back how it melted in my mouth with the tartar sauce!! slurpppss!!!

Hehee.... Girls powerrrr!!! When the food in on the way just now..
This tamchiak girl is my sis! Well, I guess you will be seeing her more often in my next posting because she is my roomate in Uni as well!!!~ hahaaha.. Hers is bread crumbed! 

la la laaa... for more info, can read from here : Blue Reef Fish and Chips

Group pictures of the people!!!!!!! I want to go Blue reef again!!! Anyone???

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