01 May 2011

My so-called Studyweek's vacation!

Being a final year student of School of Communication, when exam week is approaching, it means FREEDOM for us!!! Aiseeeehhhh, I oni got 1 paper which is my stuupiak minor that falls on 3rd May! I have one month of study week for a paper, u think what will I do ler? First thing first, escape from this island to the highland! LOL. And so, the BIG SIS brings her NOOB SIS for a pre-studyweek-theraphy at the highland.

hmmmmmm...... What a good way to start our wonderful journey huh? Presenting Sibu Kampua(quite authentic) to you!!!! *Still missing it!*

No.1 Kampua breakfast before departing.  

No.2 This became our FAVOURITE-tidbits! How could we missed it? 

No.3 Adjusting space for Chipster while waiting for KTM to KL Sentral.  

No.4 Departing from BTS.

No.5 Skip the loitering at KL Sentral while waiting for our bus and sleeping during the journey, we are here in the cable car. See those two hiding behind me to MINIMIZE their face's size! eeee (not fair for being the one holding camera >.<)!

No.6 After around 16 so many years, this is her first time ever step in Genting!!!!!!!!!!  

No.7 Being the trip planner as usual, Checkin' in at First world hotel when something went wrong but we are so lucky and get things done in the end! pheewwww!

No.8 The first and oni group pic of us! 

No.9 Checkin out! I AM TALLER!!!!!!!

No.10 I AM TALLER here TOO!!! hahaa

No.11 When will I get to go to the real Eiffel Tower huh? *faster use laws of attraction! it works well on me! haha* 

No.12 The dear and the darl!

No.13 (my fav number! *randomess!* hehe) Didn't get to play this coz under maintenance, shangxin lo T.T  

No.14 Keke act emo liketad! hahaaa! 

What a trip!! For more info, read here. Haha! Lazy to repeat everything here! Just pictures will do rite? 

Next stop in Penang where my uncle's family came for a visit!! tadaaaa....  

My biao-di n biao-mei o~~~ (I am always the eldest >.< ) Great!! So I can bully sayang many many ppl! heheee

Introducing ah tuck to you all!! He is one of the most obedient boy i tell you! U ask him to go east, he would never go west and he is a great great brother who always bullied by wai-wai, her lil sista! Hehe.. his favourite cartoon is "xi yang yang"! 

Next, we have wai-wai the miss popularity (at her taska)!! Her most powerful weapon is her cuteness!!! When she wan you to hug her rite, she will do this action like "I-can't-walk-liao!"~ How to not adore her rite? hehe... my 3-years-old waiwai!

Honestly, I've never really been around town in a car until they came and rented a Matrix(because I don't drive ba...paiseh), but hey, I'm not bad you know? I brought them to tour around Kek Lok Si, Burmese Temple, Penang Hill, Esplanade, Airport....Not me drive la of course, the lady-in-pink which is my aunty drove us during the 3D2N trip!!! One great woman!!!!
There is a story behind this picture one! One uncle came approach us while he spotted me camwhoring around the Wat. Then he suddenly said, "come come, come here, this angle is the best!" Well, then I ma go lo, coz I think this uncle so nice for showing us (actually I early-early also know that angle is nice). What happened next is: He came to me and offer to help us take this "family photo" out of sudden. FINE. Coz he is one nice uncle, I thought. He talked to us for so long then showed us to another place for another family pic. 
In the end, guess what happen?
"Thank you all ya, uncle cari-makan at here, hope you all can spare uncle a lil tips ya." 

Actually, I sensed that he would asked for tips since the very first photo he helped us take, just that never thought that he would do it so indirectly. Anyway, thanks to that uncle too. My suggestion is, he can actually officially give us a notice that he is a photographer and directly tell us, so we won't felt so weird. What-say-u? FYI: This happened in Burmese temple, near gurney plaze there.

heheee... It was indeed an AWESOME APRIL for meeeeeeeee!!!! Im slacking, im relaxing, im happying!!! muahahaa... see...how to concentrate on my last last last paper like this? 

WTH with the last picture????? Naaaaa.... Out of random, I think HER MOUTH IS SO SMALL!! Update her look to you all ma: HAIR DYED, CURLED! heheeehe.... *p/s: She will be the one missing me the most after I graduate!!! buahahaaa*

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