30 April 2011

As we go on... we remember.

Yooooo!!!!! Im back from Oscar(look at the pic below! haha) the so-called study week vacation! Yeah, im in deep shit now! >.<  FINE! But I have to 'feed' my bloggie before I continue with my next escape to HK
 Im GRADUATING sooooooooon peeps!!! Well, besides April fool, 1st April was our Comm School's prom night - "A race to remember"! See my dean smile till so happy!!!!

That's the fruitful ending after months of effort like these (what I did all these while):
 Stayed up late late at my school to produce the once-per-two-week Berita Kampus! Am so so proud to be part of it (being the oni campus newspaper that circulate like forever and the longest?!!)!
Editing in progress.
 Besides producing campus newspaper, producing our very own magazine from zero to a ready-for-sale product is part of my final year project too!! One of the most unforgettable assignment I had in my life. It was fun and enjoying to do something u like! And I never regret taking Communication, majoring in Journalism, even if I might not be going into the same field in the future(yet to be confirm) because what I clearly knew that what I learned throughout these years is not something u can gain at any other uni! USM has the best communication lecturers and I am so proud to be their student!  
See, this is our product!!!

 (Please just ignore my "smile-too-broad-till-c-my-gums" face... focus on the mag pls! hehe.. can't control it!)
Jiahee has always been a very good partner of mine, we are so much alike(except she is a 200% furture-reporter-wannabe) in many things and with her, I became more productive! We always cover (Uni)Dewan Perundingan Pelajar news and some other heavy topics together, with her... all the work seems easy! ahaks!

 This is the production team of the magazine, together with our lecturer!!!~ It was our last lecturer and everyone seems emo.

With jojo and Jiahee. Thanksssssssss for all the day& night efforts my friend!
The group again. Known as 'Impian Perkahwinan Group'.
 Whoops!!! Back to the party, after all the hard work~
 This is Ling fei HuiLing, we took journalism together too!!!! One pretty journalist huh??!!! heheee..
With my dean, Dr. Adnan again! He has been a very supportive dean I would say. Very sporting too!! We even get to interviewed him about his once-upon-love-story for our wedding magazine!
 This is the minority of Journalism students! 6 of us- From the left is Jojo, LihYing, JiaHee, HuiLing, me and Daniel!~
 There is a big group of us in Communication course actually, here~~~ combination of Journalism, Broadcasting and Persuasive students!!
 The gang!
 With HuiLing again ^___^
wth is thiss?????? Meowwwwwwww we are from KUCHING!!
3 years passed.
it's time for goodbye....
We dunno what lays ahead of us,
We heard ppl saying alot of things (about jobless after graduating),
We assume many things (obstacles),
no matter what...
We are going to tackle it,
and achieve it! 
 hahaaaha... so lame for the last part i know! aiyo, just wanna illustrate a story from the last pic ma.... don't you like the last pic????? heheee...

shyttttt!!!! I have been travelling here and there for the past one month of April and I am having my VERY-LAST-PAPER-OF-MY-UNI-LIFE next TUESDAY without studying seriously for it!!!!! ish ish!!! hahahaaa....

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