04 May 2011

the Celup-celup trip!~

During my first and the last supposed-to-be-study-week, I have thought of going down to Melacca(just for fun!), but I kept it to myself without telling Iz. Who knows, out-of-no-where, jokingly he suggested we can go for a one day trip! *toinkkkk~this is so so random and unplanned!* and WE MADE IT! This would be our third vacation this semester! thx mylubb!

Secret recipe?
Nah............. Heard of Nadeje? or Mille Crepe? 
I've been searching for mille crepe all over Penang using Google for this mille crepe, mang!  PHAILED! 
This is Tiramisu flavour!! Ooohh-yeah!!~ It meltzzzsss inside my mouth and soaked into my tastebud and the time stopped! One word: FANTABULOUS!!!! See the layerings? See how rich the cream is? NO, don't believe wad I say, I dare you to try it!!! teeheehe, throw away all the "diet-wad-so-ever-plan", satisfy your sweet tooth and dessert craving with this piece of mille crepe. How much? RM8.50 (Few years ago, it was oni RM6.50, I googled, tad's y i know! *Faster call me google-queen liao*!)
Here, the authentic original mille crepe!! His!

Where are we having these heavenlicious cake again? Of course not in Penang (actually there is one but I cannot find, not by Nadeje, any Penangnites who came across this pls let me know yo)! It was at Nadeje@Dataran Pahlawan. There is a elevator on the left before the main entrance to the mall. Moving up, and you will see this:
 Exterior view of Dataran Pahlawan, one of the few shopping malls (I oni know two- one is Dataran Pahlawan and the other one is Mahkota Parade, paiseh!) in Melacca?! Now you are just a few steps away from Nadeje.

I think I am going to make this into a habit: To write down HOW-TO-GET-THERE for my trips at here?! What-say-u (See, im being key-poh-chee again!)?

From KL to Melacca, there are several ways to get there like
1) U drive there urself(sorry, I left my car oversoutheastchinasea)!
2) U cannot FLY there, sorry. HAHA! But from LCCT, u can take bus there or taxi(Me n frens evr took once, RM110)

And so.......... The One day trip begins when...
1 Go to the newly operating Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, grab ur bus tix at RM12.20 one way(every one hour have bus going down Melaka Sentral), sleep for approximately 105mins, wake up and u r there!

2 At Melaka Sentral, after buying the Mlc-KL bus tix (last bus is 8pm) I used the cheapest way to get to the city!! I took the RED BUS - something something PANORAMA bus, RM1 and stopped at Dataran Pahlawan. First stop of the trip was to Nadeje!!!!! Jeng jeng jeng jeng, finally can get my hands on IT! (INFO: This Panorama bus is air-conditioned, and it stops at all the tourist attraction. It passed by the "red house" Stadhuy > big ship > Taming sari > Dataran Pahlawan> dunno where liao.) 

3 From Dataran Pahlawan, you can walked until the heritage areas (believe me, it's super near!!!!). You saw the above pic- the exterior of Nadeje? Walked around there until you found the view of this pic below(In a smaller scale)! There you go, just find ur way to get there.


4 From here. You took the staircase and walked up the hill.

 Just like this guy! Follow the orangish staircase up the hill!~

5 There we go, we reached another spot(Actually it's sorta linked together ey?)!

6 Walked around it, at the back there is another staircase going down, it will later leads you to the red building!


 7 From there, we walked to jonker walk. Heading to HOE KEE Hainan Chicken Rice shop in Jalan Hang Jebat (Just behind the Sam Shok Kong shop once you crossed the bridge leading you to jonker walk). It was recommended in the web and both me n Iz thinks it's worth trying. The aunty will come and tell you “The portion of two inclusive of chicken+riceball(10 biji oni)+soup+vege oni RM16”. We cancelled off the soup and vege because that piece of nadeje cake still floating inside our tummies.
His & Hers
I went to this one during my last visit, not that nice I think. 
8 Walking along Jalan Hang Jebat, we came across this one!!! Never thought I would found this though I oni saw it in some pics while I googled (How can I not love google, you tell me you tell me!!!HAHA)!

Iz had this! Durian cendol~~~~ I don't dare to try, okay, just a bite, not because I hate durian, (I love DURIAN okay?), it's because I dunno how to eat Durian Products! LOL (call me weirdo!)
See see see!!!! Am so proud I can braid my own hair like this!!! teeheehehee.... *yaya...so random!*
The MOST SATISFIED SHOT of the day! (Coz from this angle, can see my braids clearly, in a perfect reflection of lights.)

9 Next we go jalan-jalan around that area(From there, you can even walk until the big ship). Iz making faces again! booooooo!

10 Before heading towards our MAIN-INTENTION-OF-THE-TRIP which is also the final destination, we went for the authentic baba nyonya cendol. It's located just opposite the Hoe Kee Hainan Chicken Rice Shop(chun chun opposite I tell you)!! How to recognize this shop? If you are a fan for coca-cola, a collector, you would amazed by the collection of this shop! Yeap, this shop displays all the owner's collection of coca-cola.
11  Last destination is of course......................S A T A Y       C E L U P  la!!!! Hey, if you never eat Satay Celup means YOU NEVER BEEN TO MELACCA okay??? Says who? ME ME ME!!! Some more, you must go to THE CAPITOL Satay Celup at Jln Tokong Cina. I walked there from the red house (Thanks to my Garmin!!). Just 10 minutes walk. Again, twice I visited The Capitol Satay Celup, we were the first who got into the shop. teeheheee!!!! If SATAY CELUP is ur main intention to Melacca, don't go on Monday, that's their Off Day (While we rest at somewhere before coming here, I had a feeling its Off Day is on Thursday and I was freakin' dissapointed when I googled using my 5800, the incomplete phrase of the info shows Thursday as their Off day too. SHYT. After double checked, it was a mistake actually! Phew!!~).
Not much pictures taken when FOODIE GOODIE is in front of us! Sien, I still PHAILED to be a food photographer because once I see food, I totally forgot about my camera! >.< pls remind me next time! ahaz! This meal cost us oni RM31 (got big prawns n other seafood gok, one stick oni 80sen). I love the fuchuk!

12 Next, we walked back to the Stadhuy(red house) to wait for the bus to get back to Melaka Sentral to catch our 8pm bus back to KL. That's it! No big ship, no taming sari, no jonker walk. Have been to Jonker walk and love it but this time we didn't overnight in Mlc, so yeaa, we skipped that part.

Overall, it was a perfect-satisfying-full of laughters and SWEAT moments trip! Iz named it the CELUP-CELUP TRIP! *yeaaa, go ahead laugh-die-you!* LOL

Will want to visit Melacca again, just because I want to stay at TANG HOUSE. You know why?? Because whenever I wanna booked the rooms, it's always fully-booked! I must go again! hohoo...For photo shooting trip maybe?

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