23 November 2010

Supermarket Phobia!!

Err... seriously I won't step foot in any supermarket in Penang now!!! =.= It makes me wanna vomit!!
Well, if you think "Customers are always right" is true, then you are WRONG in Penang, particular in the quite well-know-for-the-housewife supermarket that I would wana sensored the full name!
err... it starts with a S and ends with unshine! haha.. know which one dy?
yaaaa!!!! UN-SHINE means don't shine lo, only shine among some regular custormers!!!

You know why or not?
Where got people ask customers to move aside in a super crowded with big trollysss supermarket basement just to refill the not-so-empty shelf??

Again, why am I there again??? Err.... Coz I am running out of idea how to fill in my ample time?? Enough of contests, and so I agree to take up a 2-Days part time job in this supermarket as a sampling promoter for a brand that starts with L and ends with ipton!

My advice after 2days of torturing in that particular supermarket would be, don't even think of trying to work in a supermarket I tell you!!! Especially if you happen to assign at the one I have been mentioning throughout my post!!

My first day:
Arrived at UNshine mall > Exchange Working pass with IC > Enter the mall to find the management to get my sampling booth > here comes the UNCLE who thinks he is the King > Bring me to a super small store room, and ask me to DRAG my sampling booth from the KAK-KAK place to my designated place.

Problem 1:
The sampling booth is spoiled and some parts missing. I cannot BUILD it on my own, but no one seems to be helpful there!

Problem 2:
The kettle, the flasks and the sampling tea sachets went MISSING when the last MALE PROMOTER SIMPLY TOOK OFF BECAUSE HE CAN'T SET UP THE BOOTH AND CAN'T MAKE HOT WATER TO BOIL THE SAMPLING! <-----Whoever this guy is, I hope he doesn't have any gf now!!! Why so useless one???? 

If referring to my Prob1 and 2, I can just quit like the previous male promoter dy, right? Nahhhhhh, I am not like him. For problem 1, two Bangla workers came and straight away over take my tools and set up for me. As for the kettle and flasks, one Dumex sampling auntie helped me to search for it because she saw it somewhere in another store last week.

1) The uncle who I assumed that he is in charge of the stock at basement (dairy products, food and etc.), keep bossy-ing here and there like the king of the world. Treat me like I am guilty or owe him RM1000000!!

2) All the other aunties ranging from 30-60 who worked there reminds me of the stepmother inside Snow White!! Wait, I am not cursing them but I want to tell you guys their true colors!!! I found out the wire of my kettle is MISSING and couldn't boil hot water, the Dumex auntie suggested me to go borrow from the other auntie. Who knows each and everyone gave me reasons like "err... I scared my kettle spoil." (c'mon lah, boil one time will spoil meh??) , "err.... You try borrow from XXX", "err... You go ask uncle where is the wire."!

3) The end of the day, I think even Banglas are better than locals lor! They are the one who offer help to me!!

I planned to write this right after I end my 2 days work which is on Sunday night but I was too tired to do so, now that the company is delaying my pay, it somehow triggers me to spill all the things here!!!!

Well, watch out whenever you go UN-shine mall I tell you, don't ever eat the sampling food because you will vomit when you see how they make it! For my company, they ask me to buy mineral water to make the sampling which I think is the cleanest and safest one to try!!

arghhh... I am complaining too much lately!!!! Am I being too stressed that i'm not stress over my exam or there is something else bothering me???? arghhh.... get back to novels!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

recently banayk post bout "complaint"~hahahhahahaah!!!oh no~~~oh shit~~ohmaigawd!!!~~~mayb u have too long holidays during study+exams weekssssss~

e r y n said...

this unshine mall really drive me crazyyy lo!!! I WILL NEVER STEP FOOT there againnn!!!!!!!!!!!!

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