23 November 2010

Holiday To-Do List

I notice a pattern here.
My happy posts have more pictures while my not-so-happy emo posts tends to be wordy!!
So, bare with it!! haha... errr... Just found out a surprise news, but.. forget it! Maybe it's not meant to be like what I think it should be... Let it be.

It's all about fate I guess, I must be more positive!!
To be able to attract more positive energy to generate more positive surprises in life, dui bu dui????
*nod-nod hardly, non-stop!!*

Errr... Gonna include a super-friendly reminder for myself! (At here??? ya... I guess Im too in love with my eryntale that Im the most frequent and loyal fansi of it?? *fansi=fans)

Holidays To-Do List:
1) Let eryntale keep on growing, with healthlicious posts!!
- Healthy breakfast of the day!
- eryn's healthylicious menu!
- eryn's reshaping tips!
- eryn's yummilicious story!

2) Brush up photo shooting, photoshop skill!!
- Practice a picture a day for 30 days holiday and post it in fb and eryntale!
- Bring Lit-N to every gathering or outing and start practice- both the skill and courage <---most important one!!
- Shoot family member like Lily!!!!! haha... will be introducing to you all soon!

3) Dating

4) Self-enrichment
- Temple activities
- Do some research for next sem's final project or Berita kampus's feature writing materials!!

5) Gathering and yam-cha session
- Open for bookings now, siapa cepat dia dapat! You know my number! haha :P *beh-siao-li*

6) Will continue to update this list before holiday starts?? hehe.. -to be update!-

hiak hiak hiaks!!!

tata.... get back to serious work first! tchao~~~~

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