22 November 2010

I beh-syiokkkkkkkk!!!!

Children's literature are meant for children right? Why does it have so many underlying meanings??? Adults always have to make things complicated and hard to understand, don't they??

1) Heidi
2) Wonderful Wizard of Oz
3) Anne of Green Gables
4) Fairy Tales
5) Alice's adventures in wonderland
6) Adventure of Tom Sawyer

Now, you tell me, all sounded quite childhood to you right??? err... except for No.3 and 6 
Frankly speaking,  out of the 6, I only manage to finish Heidi, Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Alice's adventures in wonderland and the selected Fairy Tales. 
Read until my eyes almost pop-out!!!
But still, that is not enough for my 60% finals on Thursday that carries 4 units for my minor subject!!! 
Why lah the author wanted to portray so many underlying meanings behind CHILDREN'S STORIES???? Can anyone tell me???
1) Do you remember about Alice growing big and small in Alice in the wonderland??? Aiti... This represents the physically and mentally sufferings of Alice growing up to adulthood. And, the garden she is venturing into actually symbolize the garden of Eden to Alice, her desired innocence childhood which she is going to say bye-bye as she is growing up.=.= The critics say Alice try to go back into mother's womb, the most comfort and secure place!

2) Heidi tells about good vs evil and critics say that the story is over simplistic. Err... hellllooooo!! It's children's literature!!!! How complex you want it to be???? Good are rewarded and bad are punished, that's the kind of story meant for kids right??? I dunno about kids nowadays but during my time, that's the kind of story I was told!

3) Wonderful wizard of oz would be the most normal one to me and I was able to finish it the fastest!!! Well, it talks about self confidence, courage, friendship and love!

4) Fairy tales are short stories, and luckily my lec is kind enough to choose 6 out of 30++ stories? And good news is we are only tested on the 6 she had chosen!!!

5) Tom Sawyer and Anne, too thick for my reading I guess, I even fall asleep when I watched Anne in movie lastime!!!

 OMGEEE..... but I know Anne is going to be an easy one for me because it talks about feminism, independent, friendship, family, a bit of social status as well. Tom is !@#$%^)(* and I totally have no idea at all!!

Err... If you're still here with me after all the complaints, DON'T ASK ME WHY I TAKE THIS COURSE IF I HAVE SO MANY COMPLAINS!! err, too much issit?

The reason is: I HAVE NO CHOICE!!! unless I wanna extend another year just to take one paper to complete my degree?? siao!!
I don't understand why USM Humanities school arrange such a timetable that clashed with my major course that makes me dropped the interesting Professional English Writing course I am suppose to take!!! And now, I had to struggle through all these NONSENSE!! 

But....I still have to bare with it at this critical moment, right??? If not, what I have been doing for this course in this whole semester would be a waste of time!!!

Aiyoyo.... I'm progressing really slow in revision this time!!! Blame Jabatan Pendaftar Usm for their "smart" arrangement in this sem's exam timetable!!! With the gap of 10 days in between for 3 papers, my spirit drop from 50% 100% to 5%!!This is not a personal case I am complaining but this apply to 70% of USM students!!! 

Conclusion is: I rather blog than to touch my books, get what I mean about my spirit dropping? arrrgh... I need more motivationnnnnnnnnnnn!! 
yoyooooo.. counting down the dayssssss of flying with AA back home is away of motivation I guess!!? huattt arrrr... chionnnng arrrr.... siao liao!

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