19 November 2010

Preview of 181110 Eat Play Shoot

Preview: Next post is gonna be a long long post loaded with many many pictures!!!
It's all about EAT PLAY and SHOOT!!!

EAT wad?
mm... something luxurious in a comfy environment?

PLAY wad?
mm... she called it "LENGMO-ing" (Leng is beautiful, MO is model! So it becomes beutiful model-in-action! LOL)

SHOOT wad?
err... 300++ pictures. At first it should be at Penang Hill one, but then it is closed due to renovation. Luckily I got ask the Bus Service Counter lady about it before I chased over Rapid Penang 204, if not I would ended up at the hill there, can see cannot go in =.= So, we go to "Little Nyonya's House!!".

jeng jeng, this is meant to be a reminder for myself in case I forgot what to write later after my dim sum session later... yoyo, dimsum as an early lunch because I didn't have dimsum like for 2months dy? hahaa... stay tune for more!!!


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