17 November 2010

171110 天空。

I think I am making a little bit of progress here, although there is still a long way before I reach my ultimate goal. So far, I love Lit-N's performance, it somehow surprises me all the time. Awwwww.. mama is so proud of you, Lit-N.

When I transfered the pictures into my lappy, I discovered the starry shape of the sun only when I browse through my pics. ^^

And, here is another shot I did when I was sitting at the field. (The western college type! LOL)

When I was sitting at the staircase.

These belongs to none other than Miss Eryn myself! Well, say whatever you want about my tiny toes! I know they are tiny, hehe I can fit in a size 4 and a half or 5 shoes. Although I don't have a car in Penang, nor got anyone fetch me to class, my legs serve me well and bring me to wherever I wanted to! I love them and I am so grateful mommy gave birth to me!

Relaxing the FOC wonders of nature in a random afternoon around 4pm++? hehe... You should give it a try.

"Hey hey, I am tiny but mighty! 看起来孤单的我,其实并不寂寞,因为你发现了我=)" 

I discover so many tiny details and wonders which I never before having Lit-N. My lecturer once said: "Through camera lens, we get to see what we usually missed in our routine." I couldn't agree more on that. Like this post if you like my picture sharing ya. That's my point of view of my big big world. 

I love life!!! (n,n)

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Anonymous said...

i am ur biggest fan!!!hahah~~~^^ like ur pic more and more each day~got feel!hahhahha~~~

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