19 November 2010

181110 Eat Play Shoot

Peopleeeeee, what are you doing today??? Finally the day for my planned date with my sis is here and we were so excited about it the night before!  siao! 
Original plan was to go Penang Hill, after inspiring by some anonymous photographer for their pictures taken at Penang hill. >_< Plan changed after we found out Penang Hill is under renovation and there is no way we can go there today!

mm... Luckily we din wake up at 6.45am as planned by my sis! 

And we decided to hope on the Rapid Penang Free Shuttle and walked around Penang heritage area. We stopped in front of Dewan Sri Penang and visited the council hall. Then off to Penang Peranakan Mansion where the movie "Little Nyonya"'s setting is.  

Very first shoot of the day!

Focus is on the fountain behind us! bwahahaha!! Self-portrait using my Lit-N!! *vain!*

Behind the scene where this beautifully-dressed lady became my assistant of the day under the super hot sun.

Getting her umbrella??? Luckily we remember to apply Herbalife lotion! Gimme more sunlight! lol

Ini dia, Esplanade Penang!!!

I personally love this pic the most!!!  It looks like a scene in some movie..

Leng-mo-ing = Lenglui model posing!! <----- My sis say one! hahaaha

And introducing Garmin of nokia 5800! =) leading us to our next destination! Penang Peranakan Mansion

Leading the way.

Not forgetting checking me out! =.= I won't be lost in Penang lo.

Laughing at us in a irony way!

Kakak serving the tea.

yeaaa, the tea is hot!!!! 

The human behind the lens!!

Another shot of her by the assistant! 

Walking into history?


P/s: Entrance fee for Penang Peranakan Mansion is RM10 for adult. Well, I would always asked if there is any student price for everything because some not honest people purposely won't tell you so that you would pay that extra and I know my rights clearly! After showing my student card to the counter guy, I pay RM8 to get in there! See... he didn't tell me got student price and it's not stated in anywhere!! Luckily I asked, right? People, please be a clever consumer ya! ;D

And it was about lunch time, we went to Little Cottage at Burmah Road!

This is Butter, in flower shape! 

"Where to go next?" 

More pictures are available at my facebook! This is to document the journey of today and some useful info for those who wished to have a one day trip in Penang, and yet you don't have any cars. Travelling around Penang is quite convenient with public transport like Rapid Penang!!! 

From USM:
Bukit Gambir(RST): Wait at Khaleel side's bus stop for 302 -> Komtar RM2.00
Komtar: Take CAT/MPPP (free shuttle) that will take you around Penang Heritage area for free!!! I stopped at Dewan Sri Penang-> Esplanade Penang -> Penang Peranakan Mansion 

----Walked back to the opposite bus stop of Dewan Sri Penang-----

Take CAT/MPPP ---->Jalan Burma, then walk towards Tune Hotel, before reaching there, you shall see Little cottage on your right! =) That's all for today. I'm tired and my eye lids are half closed now. tata people!


choo said...

so many information given ho~still teach ur readers how to go~hahahahh~~~

e r y n said...

If not clear enough still can leave me comments and I can explain futher gok! haha.. last9 too tired liao, I wanted to include more info de...

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