14 November 2010

Foodie Goodie of da week!

Ahaaaa =) Anyone hate food here? I guess when it comes to food, everyone loves it rite?
Hey hey, am not a pro Food blogger but just to share some foodie goodie with all of you.
I mean being away from home, out there study and being placed in an hostel that doesn't provide us kitchen, what else can we eat if not outside food right? (Well, some Ms.M at my hostel do like to cook in their room, putting the whole hostel at the risk of fire cause by insufficient electricity! And they are doing it so great by cooking everyday!)

Be at Penang USM, I have one big advantage over the other local Uni, why?
Because to me, Penang is one of the state with more chinese population than all the other, therefore I still can get chinese food which I consider as much more cleaner and healthier compared to the xxx cafes I have at my hostel, as long as I am willing to walk extra distance.

Enough of words! Hahaa... Here I'm going to let the pictures to the story-telling:

Potatoes, mengkuang (no idea of it's eng name) and fried egg. Basically, I had this as my lunch during normal weekdays, RM 2- 2.20. Healthy healthy vege!! 

And this is another one I would recommend to my fellow usm-ian who prefer more healthy food than the xxx food you can get from hostel cafe or fast food. This is yong tauhu at Bali-bali. RM3. Well, you would think that what life is this to have the same food every day. But you are wrong, coz once in a while, I treat myself with good food too!

See, this is Fried-Paul-Ball tokayaki!! (Octopus ball with special sauce and mayonise!! ) Only available on saturday's night when there is pasar malam. 5 for RM3.50 only, super cheap if compared with other places!! The combination is so mouth-watering and it's freakin' cheappppp!

Ahaaa.. some would protest liao I know. Well, not my fault that you are on diet and have to bare with the yumminess of my cheesy picture!!!! This is Hawaiian Chicken - Grilled chicken with melted cheessy pineapple that comes with raisin rice that cost RM8 only. Now, tell me where you can get a cheaper one around USM if not Bali-bali? hahaa...yums yumsss!!

Fats? Nah, not afraid as I got my secret resipe!! Well, if you noticed the people around you in your uni, they way they looked when they just entered uni and time like now in their 3rd year, some had grow horizontally, correct? Com'on, this is the time where you get your freedom and I believe many used this freedom fully, in the choice of enjoyment and food esp!
Stop complaining you are out of shape or underweight!
If you think all you have to do is continue with your diet habit or by eating nothing or eat less and exercise more can make you be in the shape you want, then you are WRONG!
If you think by taking in more FATS and CARBS can help you gain weght, once again, you are WRONG.
haha...I said that was wrong becoz you might get the result that you wanted TEMPORARY only by torturing your body cells with insufficient nutrients!

Why do you think our body need food? What are we feeding actually? Our tastebuds? Our eyes? Our desires? Or the correct answer OUR BODY CELLS?

Think about it and you know why you are out of shape now and what is your next step of getting the shape you want?

p/s: I would never go out of shape with my secret recipe!!!! (You wana know how? Forget about it until you are serious but not just curious, then ask me.)

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