13 November 2010

121011 Night shot first attempt!

After fulfilling my taste-bud's needs with Fish fillet Bee hoon at Bali-bali, on the way back my sista suggested a random night shoot session. haha, ok lor.. Walk walk around the campus for better digestion is not a bad idea!!

Here we go.. climbing up the hills! (ahem.. USM is at mountain lo, gt lotsa slopes, good for those who wana keep fit!)
I remember people always put egg shell at that kinda plants one!!! To avoid getting poked by the plant eh? haha but I think it looks good that way lo... This one looks lonely.

And here, assistant of the day night. (haha.. always is!)

I think angle problem, makes her look tall here! (And she is super happy about it! =.= illusion oni!)

She suggested to take more pics at this spot. Took this while she is not prepared! Still sms-ing with her B. haha

deng deng~~~ I like the outcome of the tree there!

Here, the gal behind the lens!! hehe, she took for me one! not bad ler? (of coz la, I teach one! LOL)

It some how gives me a majestic feel. Never thought it would be so nice in the dark!

Here, I spotted another tree spirit here!!! Spot the trunk part? I like ittttttt much!

It's HER again... 

Introducing Jacklyn~~~ 

And there we go, climbing all the way to here!!! To snap this I-have-always-wanted shot!! Well, I believe once I brush up my skill with all the tips-tips from fellow frens, I can take a better one of this! Right now, I love this shot gok! Notice there is a bridge there? That's penang bridge!! (The one where Penang bridge marathon is going to held!)

First attempt to create star... (How to capture nicer one huh, anyone?)

hehe.. And we are satisfy and ready to go back. Passing here again. Love this shot but too bad it's blurred a lil. I guess tripod is a MUST-HAVE for night shot.(Anyone wan sponsor me ar?)

hehe... The End of Story. I like this shottttttttt!!! 

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