12 November 2010


Omgeeeeeeeeeee!!!! How stupid am I to scare myself with my most phobia thing by writing this post???
I am going to share something very GELI below!

I was searching for IT's picture and I was too scared to even view at IT!!!
IT's really horrifying I tell youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!
Ewwwww to the maxx!!!

Well, I manage to calm myself down because it is really important for me to share this with you, especially first comers to USM! (lol....It's not a big issue but I think you should know about ITs existance and beware of  IT!!) 

I almost get myself in an accident because of IT!!!!!!
When I was walking to Bali-bali cafe to have dinner with my sista, we always have to walked at 80% spoiled pedestrian walk that is so unsafe!!!! That is the only way to get to Bali-bali. And there is this annoying and horrifying creature that would appear along the way without our consent!
One day, when me and my sista were walking towards Bali-bali, both me and my sistas were too shocked to see this creature coming out of no where and I fell out to the street with busy traffic!!! (Mind you, Penangnites SPEEDS even in housing area lo!)
Omgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! We saw this (Not suitable for viewers under 18!):

Why on earth our Uni is keeping such MONSTERs in our campus??????
They eat TURTLE AND FISHES of tasik harapan!!!!!
They scare people!!! They are as huge as dogs!!!!!! OMGEEEEEEE!!!

Before this, I already have phobia for LIZARDSS!!! I had so many MEMORABLE experience with IT!!!
Now, BIAWAK again??? It's like the giant size of lizards??? shyt!!

I even think that turtle is LIZARD WITH A SHELL!!!! (Was thinking of searching for bastardslizzards' pic to photoshop with the one I am showing below de, but I couldn't bare to look at it afta I google-ed!!! yUCKS!!! Just use your imagination la ya.)


so geli lo... anyone can tell me why USM wana keep these MONSTERS????

I will always take longer route which is not to take my risk walking at Tasik Harapan but it seems that it had pass the border and go out uni to scare ME!!!!!!
p/s: Arghhhhhhhh...... so geli! I dislikes creature which look like lizards!!! Eg: Frogs are lizards with obesity in my imagination and I super phobia for creatures that don't have fur!!! Especially those with the geli type of skin like what I have shown in the above above pic!! MA-MA-MIAAAA!!! 

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Anonymous said...

haiz~now leg is shaking already!hahahhaa~~~even small small one also very scary la~adumak!!! stupid uni!!!

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